Most memorable version of Liberty City?

#1 Posted by fraser (478 posts) -

So which is the most memorable? Gta1, 3 or 4?

I'm not sure if it's just the nostalgia speaking, but i'm inclined to say it's the rendition from GTA3; it just had a feel that the others don't, it had that dark, sinister feel to it that's not in the other ones.

I think the version in 4 is probably the best, but it seems to lack the personality of the gta3 version

#2 Edited by Gord (1 posts) -

I think 4 is the best, but it could have used more personality.

#3 Posted by BlackWaterCO (1574 posts) -

GTA IV obviously

#4 Posted by kratos (208 posts) -

IV I didn't play III when it came out and still never played one seeing LC is GTA IV was pretty awesome.

#5 Posted by MadMatr07 (200 posts) -

Yeah, don't think this is much of a contest lol

#6 Posted by Roybot (34 posts) -

The GTA III Liberty City is way, WAY smaller than in GTA IV. The city is very impressive in GTA IV but I find it to be much easier to remember the LC in GTA III. Its strange because I am still playing GTA IV and its been a long time since I was in LC in GTA III.

 I belive one reason for that is the color pattern they went for,  everything has so vivid colors in GTA III compared to the brownish kinda dim look that GTA IV has. Easier for the mind to remember? Anyone?

#7 Posted by Littledave (5 posts) -

I'll never forget the first time I played GTA III and that lasting impression of the first mission and the hour or so that followed, a truly defining moment in gaming history for me.

However I just think that LC in GTA IV is more vibrant and living than its counterpart with more memorable random events that unfold around Niko.

So GTA IV just edges it for me.

#8 Posted by TimeWaffle (946 posts) -

GTA 4's liberty city owns

#9 Posted by AutomaticSnake (390 posts) -

GTA IV Liberty City is better but i'll say 3's was more memorable

#10 Posted by tanline (168 posts) -

gta 4 was the best liberty city hands down!

#11 Posted by dankempster (2254 posts) -
AutomaticSnake said:
"GTA IV Liberty City is better but i'll say 3's was more memorable"
#12 Posted by Emilio (3380 posts) -

IV was gret, but III had this small and personal touch.

#13 Posted by Curfew (150 posts) -

GTA IV had the best LC.

#14 Posted by Endogene (4741 posts) -

ill stick with the first one, i loved to jump that bridge

#15 Posted by ocdog45 (675 posts) -

naw,  4 looks so clean. at first i was driving around and looking for things from the old LC, it really threw me off since it almost is a different city.

#16 Posted by BlindEffekt (917 posts) -

IV for me. Loved it

#17 Posted by creamstatic (119 posts) -

I guess the most memorable has to be the classic GTA 1 on PS. Cant ever get lost in that game and on my 4inch PSONE LCD Screen is still looks awesome. I still love looking at the map of the city.

The Best would have to fall to which one I play the most, GTA IV Liberty City, the art style is just really amazing. There really is no other game I can think of that has that much detail in a city and that many places to explore and looks this good. I've had the game since release, playing nearly everyday and I'm still finding new little areas. Anyhow, I could go on forever about it. GTA IV without a doubt in my mind take the crown, but lets give respect where it's due to GTA 1. Thats where it all started.

#18 Posted by Soap (3641 posts) -
dankempster said:
"AutomaticSnake said:
"GTA IV Liberty City is better but i'll say 3's was more memorable"
I agree with this statement entirely, a lot of you are missing the point, it's not which is the BEST liberty city but the most MEMORABLE and by a landslide that is 3, it's small enough to know off by heart, it's full to the brim of small jokes and hidden fun things to find and I spent probably more time in that Liberty City than the other two combined.

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