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Slick Clyde was a member of the Vigilante group in Vigilante 8. He's a "southern good ol' boy" and has an odd speaking affliction where he ends almost every sentence with "hick!". In Clyde's ending, he stumbles upon Houston's old OMAR bracelet and puts it on. The game ends with a picture of Clyde on the cover of a newspaper with the heading "New leader of Coyotes"

In Vigilante 8, Clyde drives a '70 Clydesdale. When Clyde gets his special, a big blue electric antenna appears on the back of his car. His special "White Light" shoots down bolts of lightning down around the area of a targeted enemy.

In Vigilante 8: Second Offense an Excelsior Stretch Limo. When he gets his special, two generator pods appear on the backside of the Limo. His special "Chain Lightning" does exactly what the name says, it shoots lightning at the nearest enemy and is capable of attacking multiple targets at once, suspending them in air making them susceptible to more weapon attacks for multiple whammies making it the most efficient special in the game.


"YEEEE-HAW, here I come, hick!"

"I've come through time...TO CLAIM WHAT'S MINE!"

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