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Lords of New York is an adventure RPG set in Prohibition era New York City. You play as one of three characters, a mafia captain, a reporter or an undercover FBI agent.

In Lords of New York, story is a huge part of the game. The game is designed to be playable several times with a different experience for each character. Each character is presented with choices that will shape the outcome of their story. So, it's possible to have multiple "endings" for each character depending on the decisions that they make during the game.

There is a master storyline that connects all of the characters but each of them has their own perspective on it and some elements of the story are only known when played as a certain character.

Each character has their own little sub story as well as unique goals to complete the game. For example, Veronica, the reporter, spends her time investigating leads/stories in the hopes of uncovering enough information to write a story, from the inside, on the mafia that will earn her the respect of her peers. Vince, on the other hand, controls a bunch of thugs and he suspects there is a mole (Veronica/Tony) and is trying to find out who it is.

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