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Does anyone know why this game is selling for such a low price?? In the UK i got this game from ASDA for £25. Its listed on the GAME website for £32.99 AMAZON £28.99. Not that im complaining that i got it for 25 pounds but why the low selling point so quickly? ASDA still had FFXIII at £38.99 so its not that they sell everything cheaply. 
Is it the same in america? For americans new games in the UK are normally £39.99.

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It is selling for about $49 on Amazon U.S.. Usually they are only about $55 on Amazon this close after release. Weird.

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@SpikeSpiegel said:
" It is selling for about $49 on Amazon U.S.. Usually they are only about $55 on Amazon this close after release. Weird. "
I think it is because they did not see the sales they wanted to. I am waiting for it to drop to 30 before I nab it 
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I don't think it's anything to do with poor sales as I pre-ordered mine from for only £28. 
Super Street Fighter IV was also a low £21 at launch. Somehow the Capcom games just seem cheaper than everything else which is good news for us. 

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Australian prices are normal. 108 or so. 
Only strange thing is that the Collectors edition is the same price as standard. 
Of course this doesn't include the other games stores i go to that are like 40% cheaper most of the time...
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Prices are dropping in less than a weeks release? Wow!!

#7 Posted by Rhaknar (5939 posts) -

lost planet was always up for pre order for 29.99 (pounds), sometimes some games just come out cheaper, like 3d dot heroes, or SSF4
dead rising pre order is also 29.99, maybe capcom is just dropping the price of their games?

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you shouldn't expect ASDAs prices to mean anything, they sold Modern warfare 2, a £50 game, for £25 when it first came out.
They just do these stupid prices to undercut everyone else. Pretty good for the consumer, but you drive places like GAME and gamestation into the dirt as well though.

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