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Japanese Developer Still Stuck in the Past 1

I had high hopes for Lost Planet 2.  It had a a decent amount of hype, pretty graphics and the promise of huge co-op boss battles;  almost like a japanese Gears of War.  Too bad this game couldn't hold a candle to that franchise, not even the original.  Lets start with what I enjoyed most about Lost Planet 2.  From beginning to end, I was never let down in the presentation department.  From the snow covered vistas and lush green jungles to the dark and dank Akrid caves, Lost Planet 2 is a looker...

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A very fun game despite alot of its odd design 0

Lost Planet 2 is an interesting insight in to the state of the Japanese gaming industry, one that is struggling to remain relevant in a world where 90% of the "big games" are made in western countries.  Capcom is one of the few Japanese developers that whole heartedly embraced this simple fact; that if you want to sell your game in the current industry you need to appeal globally. Between Devil May Cry 4's more approachable combat, Resident Evil 5s heavy shooter emphasis and Lost Planet 2 trying...

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A problematic situation 2

I have to say, this past tuesday was a bit of an up and down day for me. Upon checking my email, I noticed that my copy of Lost Planet 2 had arrived and was waiting on my door stop, which made me very happy. However, reviews were coming out, and were quite low. I bit my lower lip in order to quell the quivering caused by Arthur Geise's IGN review of a 6 out of 10. Having played a rather large amount of LP1, I really wanted to go into this game with high hopes. Capcom's combination of a slower pa...

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Cumbersome? I laugh at thee! 8

These past years all we have seen is fast, hamsters-on-coffee, non-thinking shooting action.  Well, not anymore! Lost Planet 2 is, to me, a breath of fresh air. I got used to the game in the first hour of gaming I put in it and, in all honesty, I really do not see how the controls can be clunky! Sure it can take a bit of time to get used to them, but after the first few missions it will come naturally to you.  Another complaint I kept hearing about was the "checkpoint system", all I can think is...

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Lost Planet 2: Some Things Are Better Not Found 0

        When the original Lost Planet released on the Xbox 360 as an exclusive, it stood out as a third-person shooter and was subsequently hailed as a relative success. Granted, this was during a period in the 360 lifespan when the console still wasn’t being bombarded on a weekly basis by waves of new titles, downloadable or otherwise. The storyline and mechanics of that first game are still capable of standing on their own, even amongst more modern competitors. The same however, may not hold t...

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A Great Game Shot Down Too Quick 2

Lost Planet 2 is truly much better than recent reviews pin it. There, I said it. It seems as though most people haven't given this game a chance and just go by what a large media syndicate says the game is worth. And this my friends is rubbish.   GRAPHICS: The graphics in Lost Planet 2 are stellar. Whether your in an icy tundra, a tropical rainforest, or an arid desert; your surroundings look true to life. Being in the rainforest of E.D.N. III made me feel like I was in the jungle of Peter Jacks...

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Proof that Brad Fails 15

Who decided to let the guy who sucks at games review one of the most difficult games around?  If you enjoy being challenged, this is a great game.  The fact that most reviewers are down on it just shows that most reviewers are lazy piles of crap that are too used to playing games that don't involve any challenge.  When a game comes around that forces them to work longer hours because of the difficulty level, it's no shock they get frustrated.  Good job, games press, let's make sure that nothing ...

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Lost Planet 2 0

 Ive had this game for awhile now, and have read a lot of reviews about it as well. I had read about the numerous flaws that consumed the over-all experience for some people. But then there are those, like me, who found this game to be a lot more enjoyable than most sites like Gamespot and IGN let on. So here I am, ready to explain why this great (while flawed) shooter from Capcom was well worth my 60 dollars.The story takes place after the events of the first game, where you follow the narrativ...

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Sigh 0

I remember writing a three pages of praise when reviewing the original Lost Planet, and while Lost Planet 2 is certainly bigger and more diverse, it's remarkably trite and  should be claimed the biggest disappointment of 2010, if not the worst game, come this year's end.   This may be me getting old, possibly lazy and using old as an excuse, or it may just be so; the menus are a disaster. The menus themselves certainly look slick, but are nearly impossible to navigate successfully let alone quic...

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Capcom games design wears thin 0

Laying waste to the original Lost Planet 's icy plains, the sequel sees the ice begin to melt and immediately remedies one of the previous game's main bugbears. The campaign, of 6 chapters (each of varying length), spans a number of different locales and different playable factions. From the opening 'prologue' on ice to lush jungle, grey concrete warehouses, dry desert landscapes, fiery mountain ranges and even space- the game's constant mix of location is nice to see, even though the leve...

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