Slightly jiggle: Lost Planet 2 rating description

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I have no intention of playing this game, but I just came across this quote on another site and .... well ...
"The constant firefights are loud and frenetic; the enemy Akrids emit spurts of orange viscous fluid when hit. While male soldiers are typically clad in futuristic heavily armored suits, a selectable female soldier sometimes wears a piece of cloth hanging down the front and back portions of her body; this outfit tends to reveal her buttocks. Players are able to customize her with a bikini, draping chains, and a garter belt; in this outfit, the woman’s breasts will slightly jiggle."
Ahem.  Made me laugh anyway.  Someday men will win this battle against sexist discrimination and be able to wear thin clothing and still take the same amount of damage themselves.

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Spoiler in the title geez, now I can't find out myself. You've RUINED IT.

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The ESRB does it yet again.

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I really like the word jiggle for some reason....  :D

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I was excited for this game.  Now I'm even more excited.

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