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Faithful to the series

Soundtrack/Voice Acting:

Since it’s on the GBA, don’t expect orchestral masterpieces or full voice acting. That aside, the music in the game is the same style as the music in the series. Now this next part really impressed me! The game has several voice clips for all major characters in the game (and Miss Haruka). I’ve not played a GBA game with any voice clips before so this was very impressive!



This game’s on the GBA so you’d expect the game to have plain pixelated graphics. Well that couldn’t be any further from the truth as far as this game is concerned. There are plenty of CGs throughout the game for the characters and the backgrounds, all of which at an impressive quality for a GBA game. Not only that, but there are also some basic and very short video clips from the series (by short I mean around 3 seconds worth). Some of these can be seen in the opening titles which try to re-enact the TV series by mixing many CGs with several short video clips (which it does very well).


General Review:

Like many visual-novels, this one gives you various choices that affect the storyline. However, unlike most visual-novels, these choices affect Keitaro’s health bar and various love meters. Since Keitaro is often punched/kicked/sliced/shot/etc, the health bar is rather important since, if it reaches zero, the game ends. Each girl (except Haruka) has, what I like to call, a love meter. Your choices in the game affect which girl gets a heart. The choices that you get also have a time limit. Circles surrounding the response light up and, once they finish or you press A, the choice is selected. The time you get to choose your response varies. You could have a while to choose your answer, you could have 2 seconds. It all varies on the situation. Occasionally, you will have a chance to freely walk around Hinata dorms in a top view “chibi” mode allowing you to talk to characters that you choose.



I enjoyed this game immensely, not only was the story good, but its good fun! There are various endings to get adding plenty of replay value for those that need it. Even if you’ve not seen/read the anime/manga series’, I’d still recommend you get this since it’s easy to understand and great fun to play. A word of warning though: the game is in Japanese unless you patch it. There is a full English patch available out there on the internet though, you just have to search...
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