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General Info

LSD, apparently short for "Lovely Sweet Dream" , is a Japanese video game developed by OutSide Directors Company and published by Asmik Ace Entertainment in 1998 for the PlayStation. The game is based off of a diary of dreams that a member of the development team had kept for ten or so years. It is set in a first person environment and can be considered an adventure game, though in truth the game is so surreal it defies explanation.


I don't know whether to laugh or cry

Gameplay in LSD is that of a bizarre free-roaming adventure, featuring no set goals or objectives. The player simply makes his way through what is called the "dream world". It was designed to let the player walk around various environments that are supposed to portray the dream-like state of one's mind. It is even told how disturbing some aspects of the game can be (ex. at one point in the game the walls are covered entirely of eyes that watch you as you make your way past them). Although travelling through the stages are achieved by foot, you can also progress through them by what is called "linking". You do this by " bumping" into people, animals, etc. which often produce bizarre dreams and stages. The duration of the dreams last about 10 minutes or so, afterwards making the player "wake up" and then be taken to the menu screen. However, much like in ordinary dreams, a player may wake up suddenly if he was to fall off of a cliff. As a dream ends, you'll be taken back to the Main Menu to start a new Day (or Dream).

Later on in the game you'll get a new mode in the game, called 'Flashback'. The Flashback option is essentially that, to take you back to a random past dream that you had.

While the game feature no enemies in the traditional sense there are some creatures the player may which to avoid, the most notable being a creature players have dubbed "The Grey Man" Walking to close to this creature will cause the screen to flash and for the dream to not be available in Flashback mode.

The Graph

The Graph is basically the map for LSD. There are 4 general directions, 'Upper' which is placed on the top of the map, 'Downer' on the bottom, 'Dynamic' towards the right, and 'Static' on the left. You'll move around on the graph depending on your actions in your dream, when that dream ends you'll move towards new sides of the Graph. For example, being closer to the top of the map, or Upper, will give you blissful like dreams, with odd colors. While being closer to Downer will give you a more scary dream, with dark colors. Being near Static will give you more NPCs and Objects in the world, while Dynamic will have less NPCs and Objects.


The soundtrack to LSD was composed by Osamu Sato with collaboration from Ken Ishii who would later compose for the legendary Rez. It was released as a 2CD compilation in Japan by Music Mine, a Japanese techno record label on Oct 21, 1998. It contains music from the game as well as remixes from several notable musicians from the Warp Records roster such as IDM pioneer µ-Ziq (Mike Paradinas) and jazz musician Jimi Tenor.

LSD And Remixes

LSD And Remixes

Total length: 100:56

Disc 1:

  1. Funky Solution
  2. Long Tall Eyelash
  3. TV River
  4. Professional Problem
  5. Oriental Grill
  6. Come On And
  7. Fax Factory
  8. Fried Banana
  9. Say Cheeze

Disc 2:

  1. Long Tall Eyelash (Ken Ishii Mix)
  2. Funky Solution (Jimi Tenor Mix)
  3. Long Tall Eyelash (µ-Ziq)
  4. TV River (Morgan Geist Mix)
  5. Professional Problem (Pantune Music Mix)
  6. Oriental Girll (M.P.O Mix)
  7. Come On (Out Ass Mao Mix)


  • Left/Right directional buttons let your player look around or change the direction of where he's going.
  • Up/Down let the player go either straight ahead or in reverse
  • X button initiates running (hold while walking)
  • Square button lets you look down
  • Triangle button lets you look up

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