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This one surprised me 0

Original Lugaru was released back in 2005 and this is apparent from the screenshots. Despite the HD treatment few years later the game looks rather crude today. Lugaru was included in the 2010's Indie Humble Bundle which is where I got my version from. Idea with martial arts anthropomorphic IE. rabbit with swords what Lugaru island is populated with is not exactly new. Name-dropping Usagi Yojimbo a comic book and its C64 game: Samurai Warrior: The Battles of Usagi Yojimbo here. Other than the ra...

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For a game with “HD” in the title, I expected it to look better. 0

Lugaru HD came my way through the first Humble Indie Bundle. It didn’t really seem like my thing, but since it was part of the bundle and a couple other games (like Penumbra: Overture and Aquaria) had impressed me with how good they were I wanted to try Lugaru HD as well. Unfortunately, Lugaru HD impressed me with how bad it was.I started out with the tutorial and noticed right away that the HD isn’t really helping here. You know how when TV stations started broadcasting HD, and some newscasters...

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