Nothing new in SuperStar this year.

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Once again, SS mode is going to get little to no improvements in the latest edition of Madden. A question about SS mode came up during Gamepot's live E3 demo of the game and the developer on stage said that the only improvement this year is that you can no longer make it into the hall of fame after 1 or 2 seasons. Thanks EA, how much time did that take you to fix? 1 hour? What the hell

Is anyone else a little ticked off that this mode has gone unchanged since Madden 2006?

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Kind of ticked but at the same time, if the new offensive/defensive line improvements are as good as they have shown so far I think being one of those positions will be playable for the first time ever.  Same thing with DB/WR which up to this point is a trainwreck.

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Oh, well. It's always been fun.

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they've actually downgraded it a lot from last year
no pick your agent
no combine
none of that one b4 the draft, you know
it sucks this year

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Superstar mode sucks anyway, play franchise! :)

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