kingjatt13's Madden NFL 10 (Xbox 360) review

Okay Game

Madden NFL 10 is a very realistic and fun game to play. Madden 10 is great for  when your playing against someone online or at home but when you play alone you will get bored after the first quater.Why? Well because when you get the game and pop it in the tray you have some fun in the first coupl of solo games but after that when you play solo you will get really bored. This game is great if you have another sports/football fan but if you don't well don't get the game cause you will seriously get bored after the first week playing alone. P.S The Season Mode For this game is great  and it is the best Madden NFL game to date.

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     "Not the face!" Let me first preface this review by saying that I was never a Madden guy. Even back in the SNES and Genesis days, my sports games of choice were always NBA Jam and EA’s NHL games. When consoles moved away from sprites and into polygons, I often times found myself enjoying the Gameday and 2K games more than Madden. But Madden always stayed on top, even when the series was inferior to it’s competition. After purchasing the rights to the NFL license in 2005, many pigskin fans fear...

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     In the opening sequence of Madden 10, John Madden himself promises you “I’ve seen a lot of games, but I have a feeling that this one is gonna be special.” Big words, for a franchise that has come under quite a lot of fire the past few years for not being innovative or special whatsoever. Gone were the days when 2k and EA pushed themselves to their creative limits and brought about many of the staples now found in almost every football game (I remember the first year of the hit stick; it was EPP...

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