Steam save game location?

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So I bought this game on steam, and got to chapter 10 when windows popped up and started to nag me to death about updating, so I decided to update windows....after updates are installed and computer reboots I find windows 7 somehow clusterfucked itself and removed my settings, and some programs. So I spent some time reinstalling chrome and a few other things before I decided to launch mafia 2 and pick up from where I left off. It just asked me to start a new game, and I looked in the steam folder for a gamesave but could not find one. 
Does anyone know of the location of the mafia 2 steam version game save, and if so does anyone have a game save from chapter 9 onwards?

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Usually the saves are in documents, then again i'm using vista.

#3 Posted by Th3_James (2593 posts) -

I looked in my documents first and there was nothing. 

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This seems like a question for the Mafia II forum on Steam.

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 C:\Users\yourAccountUserName\AppData\Local\2K Games\Mafia II\Saves
Or a question for google.

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Steam > Users > Documents?
Something link that maybe?
I had the same kind of issue with Mass Effect.

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I googled and looked in all the obvious places as well but cannot find it.
Ah, the appdata folder was hidden, if you type it in you'll find it.

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Hi. I have a similar problem. I got on to play my game today (starting from chapter 9 where I left off) but my saved games have all vanished and even my options (video, sound, etc) setting were reset as if I just installed the game. Anyway, I want to start from where I left off and not have to throw away hours of progress by starting from the beginning. Can anyone please post a saved game for me starting from chapter 9? Anywhere in chapter 9 would be great.

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Hi everyone. I was up to chapter 14 when STEAM updated my MAFIA 2 game.Then I couldnt continue from my saved game etc. I was not a happy camper!! Then  I played through to chapter 2 again. Then I went back to my completed chapters ,clicked on chapter 14 and the game loaded as normal from the beggining of chapter 14 (thank god). I really didnt want to play through all the chapters again simply cos the game is not compelling enough to warrant that. I hope this helps all you guys who had the same problem.It worked for me. CHEERS!

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