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The Renaissance Man's Cover Shooter 4

  Have you ever pushed 125 on a hot rod with doo-wop blasting on the radio, drowning out the police sirens? What about fist-fighting a deadly Irishman to the sounds of Rock Around the Clock. Maybe you've been in a gun fight on the roof of a mall? Well if you have or you haven't you should still play Mafia II. I'm sure you've heard the reviews for this game that range from mediocre to pretty good. What I'm here to say is this game is damn good and in a lot of different ways. Like the title sa...

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A Worthy Sequel 2

    It's been a while since I wrote an review for a video game. However, so called critic reviews of Mafia II have influenced me to write one about this open world game.  Mafia II is the sequel to a game called Mafia. It was an open world game in a classic gangster movie setting. Think films like the Godfather, Goodfellas, Once Upon a Time in America, and you get the idea. The game was first released on the PC, and after critical acclaim, console...

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It's Nothing Personal 0

 It’s hard for me to estimate whether or not the “Mafioso” motif is a bit overplayed. I don’t often play games based directly around Mob activities; on most occasions it’s only tangential – based on whenever my usually “bad” main character decides is the right time to align with The Don, or when The Family interferes with business. So, when I say I found the overarching story (not to say there’s any other story) interesting, please keep in mind that I don’t spend all of my free gametime bribing ...

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Starts Out Strong...and Slowly Dwindles to Mediocrity... 0

A few years back, I played a pretty revolutionary pc game called "Mafia".  Unlike Grand Theft Auto or other open world titles, The original Mafia was  quite revolutionary in telling a realistic mafia story.  I had extreme high hopes for Mafia 2, and I've been eagerly waiting for it's release for the better part of 2010.   Now, twelve hours later after getting my hands on the final product, I'm left disapointed and wondering what exactly went wrong?  It's a shame too.  I figured because of the ex...

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A different take on playing in the sandbox 6

The sandbox genre has exploded in the past few years. Giving players the option to do what they want in a game has become a great selling point in a game. Developers put as much as they can into a sandbox title, almost overwhelming the player with the shear amount of diversions available. Mafia II is not a sandbox game in the traditional sense. Mafia II bucks this trend by having very little to do outside of the game's main story. It puts the weight of the game onto the fifteen chapters th...

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So much potential squandered 0

I have to admit I was really looking forward to Mafia II. I was one of the crazy people that played the original from start to finish on the PC 8 years ago, and the demo had incited more hope. However all of that went out the window the second the game starts.Now I really enjoyed the original Mafia, it was a pretty good third person shooter in an open world that capitalized on the recent popularity of GTA3. I had a lot of fun memories of it, sure it had it's problems but you would think with 8 y...

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A very good game despite the flaws 0

 Mafia 2 is the sequel to the highly rated Mafia:The City of Lost Heaven. initially the game is set in 1943 before moving on later to 1951 and tells the story of Vito Scaletta, the son of Sicilian immigrants. The story is well written and for a change doesn't glamourise the Mafia, in fact Vito comes across as the tool of those with real power, someone who will do whatever his masters tell him to without question. This makes a nice change from the usual rags to riches stories we're used to. Later...

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Mafia II Review 3

The story is linear.  However, I do enjoy the game play.  The gun play and driving is better than the first game and is even better than Grand Theft Auto 4.  One thing I do find interesting, they us the same voice actors for several different characters.  I hated the first Mafia, but I'm enjoying this one....

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An excellent game with a few bumps. 0

Mafia II is set in 1943 to 1951 in a fictional city of Empire Bay, USA, a city so familiar with crime, you'd assume Congress vacations there after time spent in Washington D.C.. There's definitely crime afoot in Empire Bay. The city is controlled by three families, and the question is who are you going to befriend and who are you going to kill?  You play as protagonist, Vito Scaletta, a Sicilian immigrant who doesn't understand his father (who drowns when he's a younger age), loves his mama, and...

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Mafia 2 0

Illusion Softworks put out the very first Mafia game back in 2002 for the Xbox, PS2 and PC. It was met with some good reviews, even beating out it’s predecessor, Mafia II. Illusion Softworks has since been bought by 2K and has went through a name change (now called 2K Czech), their first game as 2K Czech is a very good one. Blat blat blat!! Mafia II follows the character Vito Scaletta. A Italian gentlemen who, and like any good mafia story, gets into the wrong crowd, his dad is a drunk and th...

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The Name is Scaletta. Vito Scaletta. 0

After thoroughly enjoying the Mafia II demo on Xbox Live Marketplace, i added the game to my "Buy List". After playing the demo, i could definitely tell i liked many elements from the game, but there were also parts that weren't so enjoyable. The question many asked was "Is the game better than the demo?". It's a hard question to answer, because viewpoints may change from person to person. In my opinion, yes, the full game is better. What makes it better though?  The game start's off with you, V...

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We Ride Togethuh, We Die Togethuh 0

"I became a criminal because I did not want to become a victim."   (Quick Note - This review doesn't include any DLC)  It's been a great year for gamers who enjoy single player story campaigns. Rich storylines, strong character development and solid cinematic gameplay have been trademarks of many 2010 releases. Alan Wake, Mass Effect 2, Red Dead and more have showcased an intelligent blend of gaming and cinema. That said, few games have executed the presentation formula like Mafia II.At times ...

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This is not a openworld game 0

 The first Mafia was a great game despite it's flaws. The squeal, that is review here improves in every front. In first game the settings was in Lost Heaven, a fictional American city where the action took place in 1930's. The sequel takes place between 1943 to 1951 in city of Empire Bay. Yes officer, what seems to be the problem here? Game play has been described as open world sandbox game. Which I don't think is fair description. Sure, game has ...

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This is not a sandbox game. 3

WARNING: Includes spoilers that reveal in-game mechanics, and obvious main character statuses. (E.G. player becomes higher in rank).Mafia 2 came through as a surprise to me after I have finished it. Seeing many features of the game were unused, made me reconsider this game, and consider this could have been a great sandbox game, if it were to be so.   The story of this game deserves this game a solid 4/5 if it weren't for my familiarity with mob-movie classics such as The Godfather, Goodfel...

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Mafia II Has a Bad Rap 0

 Mafia II flew far below my radar during its development, even the slick trailers they were releasing these past few months did little do pique my interests. So I find it rather funny that I found myself almost chomping at the bit for the game in the week or so leading to its release. And to my dismay, after digging into the game for a few hours and deciding to check out some reviews on it, they are pretty much across the board calling it a mediocre title.   I make no bones about games I enjoy h...

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Pros and Cons: Mafia II 0

Hey guys and gals, are you tired of the seemingly overabundance of gang and mafia-themed products being released in recent years? No? Yes? Well, either way, Mafia II is out! Jump into the shoes of Vito Scaletta, a young man who arrives in Empire Bay as a little boy from Sicily with his family and quickly becomes involved in the gangster lifestyle, attempting to ascend the wiseguy ladder to hopefully one day be "somebody".Pros:Engaging story with many memorable characters.The voice acting is top-...

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Mafia 2 Second Opinion GamingSurvival Review 0

By - Richard J.  It has been a few years since the original Mafia turned heads on the PC, PS2, and Original Xbox. As one of the first mafia focused open world games, many gamers were in awe by what it accomplished. Now, 2K Czech is ready to get fans excited again, this time staying on the PC and upgrading to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Can Mafia 2 break the knees of its competition, or end up swimming with the fishes?In Mafia II you play as Vito Scaletta, the son of an Italian immigrant who ...

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Meh'fia 2 0

 Mafia 2 was one of the most awaited games of this year. It was announced somewhere around 2008 and release date was pushed from summer 2009 to 2010. Well, since it's a lot of time to work on the game you might expect that developer would fix and add new stuff to the mechanics of the game, then it turns out that Mafia II is suffering the same thing the Driver franchise have experienced for the last 2-3 games. Let's start with what's good about this particular game. First of all, the game looks r...

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The game starts off promising, but it's too short and empty ... 0

I remember playing Mafia 1 on the PC years ago and being amazed at the quality of the city of Lost Heaven and the scale of it, i do remember it being quite hard to play and i do remember never actually finishing it because it got very hard after a while. Despite these things, i was still somewhat looking forward to playing Mafia 2 to see what 2K could do with this gangster series in a post-GTA4 world but in the end, this game has all the signs of it being delayed so much that these days, it does...

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Good but not Great 0

I had been looking forward to a sequel to the origional Mafia for 8 years. The first game was one of my all time favorite games. Unfortunately I didn't think Mafia II lived up to the expectations I had for it. I'll admit, the fact that I held the first game in such high regard made my expectations higher than they normally would have been.  I thought the story was good for the most part but I thought some things seemed left out or plot lines not developed. I didn't understand why they threw in l...

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This is an offer you should not refuse 0

          There have been a slew of open world games this generation, from the action packed and over the top Just Cause 2 to the deep and engaging Red Dead Redemption. Although different in aspects such as setting and combat, a common structure can be traced back to each title: you must complete a fairly direct set of story missions or veer off into the world and search for side quests while experimenting with the weapons or vehicles you are offered. With all this freedom, sandbox games are exp...

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Nobody Said Mob Life Was Exciting 0

Mob stories are cool. Or at least, at one time they were, when they weren't just rehashes of those that were spun 10-20 years ago.   Godfather reference goes here. There is no such thing as a fresh mob story in our modern era, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, provided that the oft stale stories can be told in an interesting way. One might expect that from a game that is simply called "Mafia", but then, one might find themselves terribly disappointed. Mafia II opens in a World War II Ita...

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The Little Things in Games 0

          POSSIBLE SPOILERS     The game while it had many bad reviews has some decent qualities worthy of mention. when you first start out in the 50s the graphics of the buildings were spot on and the cars were decent enough, what really stood out to me personally was that attention to detail when you buy something on the street the prices from back in the era are used and as the game progresses over time it is ever changing. When i robbed a store and shot the clerk after i left and came back ...

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Open...I Mean Linear-World 0

 Mafia II is the somewhat awaited sequel to the enjoyable, but flawed, Mafia. You are, as expected by the title, a member of the Mafia. You start off serving in Italy during WW II (ya know, the Italian front is basically ignored in gaming. Sure, the Italian military was a pathetic joke, but still, lot of ugly fighting there. Bob Dole had his hand mangled there). You come back home and try to make something of yourself and, as a young Italian, apparently the Mafia is your only viable option...

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I just had to know, and I actually liked it. 0

Mafia II is a game that seems to be very divisive for good reason. It puts together a lot of basic elements at the core of a mobster tale that admittedly isn't terribly unique. Upon release the game got a middling review from this site and a wide variety of interpretations from other reviewers and forum posters. Knowing that people considered the original Mafia a classic on PC, I just had to know for myself if this game was worth a damn knowing full well it might turn out to be no good. In light...

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A cake with a dead cat inside. 0

I was very hyped for this game, I would have loved to have lived through the 40's and 50's (well sort of) but that isn't exactly going to happen so this game had my attention considering it had so much potential to take the sandbox style and go to a time that I haven't seen very often in a game.  Sadly this is the biggest wasted opportunity in a game I have played in a few years.  If I remember correctly it took 6 years to make, which surprises me considering how dead everything feels.    I shou...

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Mafia II Review 0

Let me preface this review by saying that I never played the 2002 original, Mafia. Having completed Mafia II, I do not feel that the prior game and this game have a storyline connection that would hamper your enjoyment.The game puts you straight into the action as Vito Scaletta alongside his best friend Joe Barbaro. You two get into some hairy stuff, which forces you into the Army and are in Sicily fighting the Nazi’s. You come home and your best friend Joe and his “connections” get you discharg...

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A Waste of a Good Idea 0

Mafia 2 was released recently and I had been debating buying or renting it, for about a month, well thank fucking god I decided to rent it. There was so much potential they wasted in creating this. And since most of the gaming community cant sit still unless there's at least 12 bombs exploding and 50some dead guys scattered around let me put this in terms you get: Mafia 2 is: A Big Fucking Waste of Time.  While masquerading under the 'open world' or 'like gta, but' theme this game falls even sho...

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Driving Miss Mobster 0

 The sequel to 2002's successful mafia simulator is finally here fans of the franchise it's an chance to see what 2K Czech have been working on since we rampage around lost heaven. Mafia 2 revolves around Vito Scaletta, an Italian immigrant who moves to the United States with his family to escape the poverty of pre-war Italy, as Vito gets older he becomes involved in nefarious activities and eventually finds himself being drafted. Returning from the war and forced through circumstance to ...

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Solid adventure game. 0

This game is probably one of my favorite games this year. It has tons of greatness and game design choices that's been missing this generation. There is a lot to love though.One thing, game is filled with all these little details and stuff that I haven't felt this way since gta 4 in an open world game. The way MC reacts to bullets being shot, the one time use animations (cigarette toss lol), the way your coat moves, freaking windshield wipers!,and all this with a solid framerate on any average r...

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Best way to watch a Movie 0

Grammar error's can occur, i apologize for that.   Like every other review, this is my thought about the game This game is like a movie, that have you controlling the main character.This is the only game that have had me sitting on the edge of the chair, and enjoying every single minute of it. The game's story is absolutely amazing. Well executed by the actors, and the game it self. The story is supposed to be as linear as it is. and it is actually one of the few games that should be like this, ...

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Mafia II 0

There never has been a game for me that has started so strong, lasted so long as strong and then crashed quicker then Mafia II. I mean that whole heartedly. If the last four chapters had not existed then this game would have been a four out of five, if the last six hadn’t existed I would have given it a five out of five and with out qualms put it on any game of the year consideration list I might be building. However over reaching, over extending and plot holes created by these two problems brin...

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Mafia II Review 0


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A Decade of Crime, Wealth, and Revelations awaits you in Mafia II 0

  Arriving in with his family as a child, Vito Scaletta grows up and finds that a normal life is not going to get him where he wants to be, so he teams with his best friend Joey “Joe” Barbaro and together they commit petty crimes. One night of stealing goods, Vito and Joe get spotted by cops, and attempt to escape. Joe is able to get away, but Vito is seen and gets arrested. Offered one chance to avoid jail time by joining the army, Vito accepts and leaves to fight in the war while Joe continu...

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Review: Mafia II 0

I will admit that I probably judged Mafia II a little too harshly in my time with the demo. It's a beautiful game with some truly great moments. However, those moments are few and far between, and that's primarily what holds the game back from greatness.It seems to me that what 2K Czech are going for with Mafia II is an authentic slice of life story that happens to be about a young man (Vito Scaletta) who becomes involved with the mob, as opposed to just putting itself in direct competition wit...

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goodies 0

great game great graphics good story and no bs... slight lack of adventure not enough random things to do to really check out and enjoy everything empire bay has to offer visually. Also the saving was ridiculous let me save whenever i want to. i have to type one hundred words really whats the point i've said everything i want to say.... there isn't even a counter to tell me when to stop... ok here are a few of my favorite words Nicaragua, Lake Titi Caca, the F words and i say words cause it mean...

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The best mobster movie game ever made! 0

This game is just like a movie even though the graphics are outdated it still holds up as the story is absolutely amazing and on top of that it's a very fun game overall, if you like movies like Goodfellas and The Godfather this is a must have!And best of all the third installation is almost certainly confirmed to be shown at Gamescom 2015 so this is the perfect time to pick this up if you already haven't!...

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pretty damn good 0

+this game could win story of the year..  +graphics are pretty impressive, the draw distance seems to go on forever and there really isn't any framerate issues..  -+it plays well enough.. sometimes the auto aim can be a little weird... but blasting dudes is satisfying.  -i ran into a few weird glitches... i had to restart a chapter one time because my save file wouldn't load.. and other annoying things.. nothing totally game breaking though. but i havn't seen anything weird on my second play thr...

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Mafia 2 Review 0

By - Craig H.The original Mafia game was highly praised and it took nearly 8 years for a successor to see the light of day. 2K Czech, formerly Illusion software, developed the original Mafia game and are back on-board for the second installment. Mafia 2 is a single player outing that looks to bring a cinematic feel to the game and immerse players into the mafia life of the 1940’s and 50’s.The story begins with the introduction of you, Vito Scalleta, and your best friend, Joe Barbaro. The duo get...

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