name this game

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As you know MAG used to stand for Massive Action Game, but now zipper claims that it doesn't mean anything. What does M.A.G. mean... to you?
For me: Mercs! Action! Guns!

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Massive Ass Game 
Yeah I did

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Many Antelopes Graze 

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Mass Activity Game.

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@Pie said:
" Massive Ass Game Yeah I did "
Fitting title.
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Massive Apostrophy Garnish.

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Missionary anal? great!

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Male Ass Grabber

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@MattyFTM: Well look at Mr. Mod acting all smart on the forums.
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M--- A--- G--- 
yup, came up with it all by myself i did :)

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Mahogany Antiques G.I.-Joe.
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Mangoes And Grapes

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Men's Action Game

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Multifaceted... Analogous... Game.

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@ColMirage said:
" Men's Action Game "
Thread won.
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Murder Death Kill 
-err sorry  wrong game
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Manly Ass Grabbers...

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Messiah And Gesus... 

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Macho Army Guys.
Many Angry Gentlemen.
Moist And Gooey.
May Aggravate Giraffes.
Masturbatory Airstrike Game.
Men Assaulting Gophers.

Also...the free-to-play version of the game should be named MAGlite.

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Mighty Awful Game

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@Hamst3r said:
Moist And Gooey.
I like this one the best.
Many aggravated mutes.
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Mistakenly Announced Game

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MAG- S.V.E.R is OP 

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Massive Action Game.
  I'm a very creative person btw.

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Massively-oversized Ass and Genitals. 
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Mostly Angry Guys 
Murderously Angry Gameface 

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Maybe A GoTY? ;)

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Mothers And Goats
(I tried.)

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