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Mancopter is a sort of racing game. You play as a man that has helicopter blades over his head (A Mancopter) and you must beat the other Mancopters to the finish line. You must make it to each individual checkpoint before time runs out or else it's game over. 
You navigate your little Mancopter from left to right, avoiding obstacles and trying not to fall into the water. If you do, your trusty whale will come and help you out. The mammal willl only help if you're carrying fish (this is technically incorrect as whales do not eat fish) and the only way to get fish is from the birds. However, you must also be cautious of the birds as they may also steal fish from you. If you fall into the ocean with no fish, it's game over. 
Another obstacle on your path of glory are the other Mancopters. They can come from above and knock you into the ocean. But you can do the same to them by flying over them and permanently eliminating them. The race will make you go through mangroves, fight against the weather and encounter weird animals. 

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