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She first appears in Chapter 4 of Mega Man X: Command Mission in Gaudile's laboratory. She is seen wearing pink and black and sporting green hair and dual daggers. Her design is based off a Kunoichi. She is first seen as someone cold and only looking out for the prize. In her case treasure or treasures but, after meeting Cinnamon and the other members of the alliance she realizes that she could be doing something much better with her life and joins the crew.
Famous Quote: 
"I don't care who this Rebellion Army is. All I know is I'm not gonna stand by while they steal stuff I could be stealing!" ―Marino

In Battle

Marino's weapon she utilizes in battle are dual beam daggers as mentioned before. Her special move (Action Trigger in Command Mission terms) resembles Tifa Lockhart's Slot Machine and Wakka's Element Reels from the Final Fantasy franchise in which you must use a slot machine to time how much damage and how she damages her foes. Her Hyper Mode is called Quicksilver where her speed doubles and her moves do more damage.

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