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Mario Kart DS

Mario Kart DS is the 2nd latest installment of Marios Racing franchise, in it you can take control of a wide range of characters from Dry Bones to Bowser, almost every symbolic Mario character is here, as well as a wide range of characters there is an enormouse amount of Karts too, altogether there is a total of 36 Karts for each character!

Mario Kart DS takes what was origianly a SNES game and plonks it on the handheld, did it work? Well, lets just say it's sitting exremely comfortably in the drivers seat!

The gameplay of Mario Kart is fantastic, there may not be any touch screen control when your in races but this is good as otherwise it get in the way.The online is fantastic with up to 4 players going head to head on any circuit they want. The graphics are fantastic for a Nintendo DS game and really capture the growling faces of the other characters when bomb them!

The battle modes from the previous games are back in all there glory, there are 3 types of mission, in 1 you have to get as much coins as possible before everyone else and get theres of them, in another you have to get baloons of the other players against you in a time limit, and in the other there are sort of challenges like complete this course in this time, and defeat this guy by bashing him into the lava, they all sound quite similar but they're not.

The only problem like with all Mario Kart games is that there is'nt really a story, you just have to do all the Grand Prix and unlock all the characters and Karts.

Put together Mario Kart DS is an enjoyable racer that is probably the DS's best apart from a lack of story mode this game is fantastic! 4 STARS!
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