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Mario Kart DS is one of the best racing games on a handheld.

Mario Kart is a great game in every way and is an improvement from the past Mario Karts. Mario Kart is easy to learn and is created for many types of gamers.The Wifi support is just what the DS needs! Racing with people within your own region and even worldwide packs in the most difficult races you will ever experience! Mario Kart is loaded with newer and older tracks and the character selection is just right! Everything is pieced together well to make this game highly addictive. I give Mario Kart DS an 4/5 because there are a couple of things that could of been done to maximize gameplay. You can't race on all the tracks online, which sucks by the way, and mission mode is completely pointless when you can really have something else better, like competitions. You can only race up to 4 players when you should be able to really race against 8 on a wifi connection. Despite of the minor shortcomings that Mario Kart DS has, it's a game that will certainly be remembered by Mario Kart fans everywhere.

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    Mario Kart isn't your average racing game. The graphics aren't meant to be realistic, nor is the gameplay. Have you ever seen a banana skin dropped from the back of your car or a blue shell fired to hit the person in the lead on Need for Speed? Didn't think so. Mario Kart DS is the fifth game in the series and is the first to use online abilities, which it uses perfectly and makes what was already a great game, a superb game.There are several modes in Mario Kart DS, the main being the Grand Prix...

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    Thirteen years ago a little game called Super Mario Kart was released for the Super NES and a new addiction was born.  Personally I can remember spending countless hours trading controllers back and forth with friends trying to beat each others time trials, not to mention all the time spent in battle mode and actually racing.  Over the years Mario Kart has evolved by tweaking certain features while simultaneously keeping that same original charm we all fell in love with over a decade ago.  ...

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