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Parchezzi is the most advanced clone of his kind, rivaling even Ortmeier's legendary Agent 47. However, Parchezzi has his weakness. He is accelerated to maturity, and this has drastically shortened his lifespan as a contract killer. Parchezzi is much more advanced than the second generation clone, Mark Purayah II. Parchezzi speaks in an extremely calming, and calculated manner.

Parchezzi appears in Hitman: Blood Money, and is seen only during the 'final' mission, Amendment XXV. In this mission he is seen wearing a janitor's outfit, and is wearing a pair of red glasses which appear to be his trademark. He is the second of the two targets who must be assassinated during the mission, and cannot be killed before Daniel Morris, the Vice-President. Parchezzi's signature sidearm is a modified M1911 handgun, which deals massive amounts of damage - even more than 47's AMT Hardballer when loaded with Magnum Ammunition.

During Amendment XXV, Parchezzi will be located in the Oval Office, waiting for you. When you arrive there will be an explosion and he will flee to the same spot on the rooftops each time the mission is played. For this reason, you can afford to place the RU-AP mine at the location where he will be running to, as getting shot with his M1911 can quite easily kill you, which is incredibly infuriating on Professional difficulty, where you are not allowed to save at all. Note that Parchezzi will always run slightly faster than Agent 47, meaning you cannot catch him until the game allows you to. It is possible, though difficult to catch him on the stairs. However, there is little point to this as he will simply shoot you and continue running.

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