Reset a Character?

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It's been a long long long long time since I've played this game. I'd like to restart my character from scratch at level 1.

Is there anyway to reset my character and storyline for my character? Or do I just need to make a new account and start from scratch?

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If you get a new hero it will start at level 1, and Gamespot is currently giving out codes for a free random here. I don't think you can reset a hero and if you can it certainly costs money.

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Since the game is F2P, you could always start a new account. Of course, you may not be able to get the same hero again unless it's one of the free ones.

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Thanks both for the reply. I think I might just start a new account. Was hoping to keep all my stuff and just start from scratch with my character. Like most RPGs that I've been away from a really long time, I like to start over. So if this is my best option, then I'll just go with that.


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@cloudyimpulse: If your hero is level 60, you absolute can reset them to level 1. Save up 10 cube shards (acquired by completing terminals) and visit Clea in a hub area, near the terminal consoles. Buy a Gourd of Prestige from her, use it, and you will be reset to level 1, along with all quest progress. (Your name in the chat will also be a different color.)

If you're not level 60 and you only care about how you've allocated your skill points, you can use a Retcon Device to redistribute them. Retcon Devices can drop from enemies, be bought with money or eternity splinters, or be acquired for free by defeating Bullseye in chapter 4 of the story.

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I appreciate the reply Sharpless.

I actually wanted a full story reboot with my character. What's worse is now I'm a bigger dummy because I started a new account to play, but the character I started with is no longer an option to choose from at the start (Scarlet Witch). But hopefully that information you posted will help another player getting back into the game or just didn't know.

And yes I could start over with a new character and it's free, but I just had my time invested in that character that I liked (like Jeff and Captain America), I would of loved to of started over from the beginning with a quick delete and re-create or item to do so (if you weren't level 60). With that said, I just haven't had the urge to log back in anymore. It had a small window to hook me back in, but unfortunately it's one of those things where if things just weren't the way I needed them to be, I moved on.

Seriously though, thanks for the time and effort to reply with the info. Good Luck out there everyone.

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