Who has already tried using a team of Magneto, Sentinel & Storm?

#1 Posted by rbysjti (387 posts) -

Well, they've been the god-tiers of Marvel vs Capcom 2 so I believe that people were tempted to use the three at least once. 

I  tried using the three of them , i guess more than 10 times, mostly during the first two weeks of the MvC3's release.

Have you tried too?
#2 Posted by Yanngc33 (4551 posts) -

Haven't tried but the patches especially for Sentinel have weakened him. Also, I think I remember them saying that they were trying to balance things out during the game's development so their couldn't be one "good" team so I doubt they're still as good together

#3 Posted by MysteriousBob (6262 posts) -

No. I don't know how to use them and I like my teams to be original over functional. 

#4 Posted by demontium (5084 posts) -
@rbysjti: MSS still works.

Magneto up first can do so much damage or gain meter; if he dies storm can come in and dhc glitch into sent with meter gained or destroy them with sent's godlike assist. And sentinel can do great damage in xfactor and come in on the DHC trick.
#5 Posted by Brodehouse (10720 posts) -

I tried using a team of Magneto, Storm and Psylocke.

And it worked.

#6 Posted by StarvingGamer (9286 posts) -

MSS is still fun
MSP(hoenix) is my troll team
But it's all about Cap/Doom/Dorm for me now

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