How to hack computer terminals in ME2?

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A bit of a stupid question.
So i have been playing Mass Effect 2 for some days now, and the one thing that really annoys me is that i have not figured out how to hack those computer terminals with the colored text. How do i go about doing this? I gave up after numerous tries.
Am i supposed to pick randomly what color or shape the text bar is?
If anyone can explain, that would be greatly appreciated. : )

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@CornontheCobbe: At the top of the screen is a picture of the text. You need to find THAT text. And press A. Then it switches and you find another.
I hate it. I wish I could hate it out of the game.
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There is a text box at the top left corner that you need to match to text boxes in the collumns, you have three attemps, and (for the most part) need to match a total of three boxes. Hitting the red boxes reduces the ones that you have already matched, so if you just matched one correctly and hit a red box, you now have matched none of them correctly. Hit a red box without any matches and you get shut out of the terminal.
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Oh god. Thank you so much duder. I always just pressed start hack, without even noticing that text in the corner. No wonder i failed so many times : )

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when you hack  your looking at a stream of code. scrolling down the screen. in the top left they give you an image of the code segment your looking for in the stream. match the thumbnail image to the image that's in the stream of code... not sure how else to explain it.
take note of colour and position of the text.

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Yeah and avoid touching the red cause it'll mess up your progress with it. 

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