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Hey, About to start Mass Effect 3 and I have a question regarding the various DLC packs. Do I need to install them in any specific order and do I need to do the DLC missions before beating the game? I know with Mass effect one I forgot to install the DLC that came with the game until I had already beaten the game and in order to play it I had to load an old save before getting to the endgame area.

Lastly, are all the mission-based Mass Effect 3 DLC worth getting? (Citadel/Omega/Leviathan/Extended Cut/From Ashes)

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As far as I know there is no particular installation order for any of the DLC. Most of the DLC missions need to be done before you finish the game to get any sort of real benefit from them. The Citadel is something of an exception to this, it is playable from about two thirds of the way into the game, but you will get the maximum amount of content out of it if you do it right before the final set of story missions. Once you finish the game it should allow you to restart right before the point of no return if you would prefer to play that particular DLC afterwards.

The only single player DLC of questionable value is Omega, as far as I am concerned From Ashes, Leviathan, and the Extended Cut add far too much to the overall experience to miss (which is a shame, really). The Citadel is also a terrific piece of DLC, probably my favorite, but it doesn't add to the core game as meaningfully as the others.

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You can install them in whatever order.

After you beat the game it dumps you back into the Normandy where you can do any missions/DLC you haven't completed yet.

IMO, From Ashes and Citadel are must haves. Leviathan is pretty good, it adds some huge bits of lore to the overall universe but is irrelevant to the core plot of ME3. Omega is extremely combat-heavy so, unless you are a particularly big fan of shooting stuff or really want to see a female Turian, you can skip it. The Extended Cut is free but it doesn't add anything to the ending outside of dumbing it waaay down. I guess if you haven't beaten it the normal way before, you probably won't notice just how lowest-common-denominator they made the game so it probably won't bother you.

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The only thing to really be aware of is that the Citadel DLC in particular is very challenging, so you may want to hold off playing it until just before ordering all the troops to Earth. That way you'll have more upgrades.

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@goldy220: Definitely get the Citadel DLC, but don't play it until AFTER you beat ME3 depending on how seriously you take the story. Its more of a hilarious, over the top fan service then a part of the core story, its very funny and entertaining and this tone I feel strongly detracts from the over all morose and serious mood ME3 is trying to create.

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