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Well... Ok

What happened to Bioware's writing? This doesn't seem to be the same company that made Knights of the Old Republic. Because that game had a good, consistent story.

Within the first minute of Mass Effect 3 you get stilted dialogue, thrown into random explosions, you get to see former James Cameron wannabe badass chick Ashely Williams that is now apparently a supermodel showing off "the latest in stylish military chic". And much the same continues throughout.

It's not a bad third person shooter by any means. But it is a fairly generic one. At some point a developer on this game said "I know what we need, more stuff that is popular in other games!" And so now, for some reason, it has a melee attack, and stilted action mechanics where you "jump" over things by pressing a single button to play an awkward animation.

Even the visuals feel awkward, and uncomfortable mix between stuff that looks 5 years old and shiny new effects. And that's the game in a nutshell, kind of awkward.

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