Why did they have to release Pinnacle Station!?

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I know, I know, I know. I'm late. But, I just decided I'd try to S-rank the Mass Effects. Then, I realized I have to have Pinnacle Station. Well, last time I checked, it had issues running with the Platnium Hits version of the game. Now I can't freaking S-rank!

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You're also forgetting to mention the fact that Pinnacle Station is freakin' terrible.

#4 Posted by Nickness534 (79 posts) -
@creamypies: That too. But, I love Mass Effect enough that I would play through it if I could.
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I couldn't run it either with my platinum hits disk but I found out they fixed it.  You have to delete and re-download & install the DLC.  It should download a patch the next time you load the game.

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That sucks, unlucky dude.

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