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In Touch Panic a ball rolls slowly along the paths marked out on a field of movable tiles on the DS touchscreen.  Players can switch the tiles around with the stylus by dragging rows and columns of them in a straight line or rotating sets of four adjacent tiles with clockwise or counter-clockwise motions.  The objective of most modes is to guide the main ball around collecting smaller balls scattered about the field of play in a preset order before finally dropping the main ball down a drain hole.  The player must prevent the ball from rolling off the path and colliding with a mis-aligned tile in order to continue play.
There are a variety of single-player modes which change the sub-objective tasks and movement rulesets as well as switching the focus among goals like speed and accuracy.  Also included are competitive modes played over the Nintendo WiFi Connection.  Released in May of 2006, Touch Panic was among the first batch of games to be playable over Nintendo's fledgling online service.

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