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As rewarding as it was on the PC and X-Box.

Now, this is a game. A few months after being released on the PC and the X-Box, Max Payne has finally been released for the PS2 and, for the most part, it's just as strong of a game as it was on the PC.

Max Payne is a great action game that is strong in almost every area: gameplay, graphics, sound, storyline, and replay value. The gameplay may be very simple, but it's probably the highlight of the game. The gameplay basically consists of you running around with a shotgun(or 15 other weapons), shooting your way through city streets, buildings, warehouses, etc. One thing that unique about the action in Max Payne is that you have the ability to turn on bullet time, which slows the game down, allowing you to kill more enemies a lot easier. It's a really cool effect and you'll be using it a lot during the action sequences in the game.

The storyline is almost equally as engaging as the gameplay. As you go through the game, more of the storyline unfolds and the plot constantly twists and turns, which keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the game. One really awesome thing about the storyline is that it is told through graphic-novel style cutscenes that really add to the theme of the game.

Unfortunetly, the game does have a few issues. While the graphics are really good, they have been cut down a little for the PS2 and, because of that, some textures are really rough and choppy looking. The frame rate is also a little slower on the PS2 and the game doesn't run as smooth as it does on the PC or X-Box version. But it doesn't get in the way of the gameplay at all.

Max Payne is an amazing game and, while the PS2 version might have a few minor problems, the game is still as rewarding as it was on the PC and X-Box.


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