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Maximillion Pegasus is the Chairman of Industrial Illusions and the creator of the game of Duel Monsters. Initially introduced as the primary antagonist in the anime's first season, Pegasus is developed into a tragic character who desires to revive his dead lover, and eventually becomes an ally to the protagonists and helps them on several occasions. As the creator of the card game Duel Monsters and the discoverer of their ancient Egyptian roots, Pegasus often plays a key role throughout the anime due to his extensive knowledge of the game and its dark origins.


Pegasus is best known for his Toon deck, which includes cards of which only he possesses. While the effects of Pegasus' Toons vary from Duel to Duel, in general they are immune to damage (except when attacked by other Toons) and can attack opponents directly. He also uses Relinquished, Thousand Eyes Idol and their fusion, Thousand Eyes Restrict; cards he created exclusively for his match with Yugi that have the ability to absorb opposing monsters and reflect their attacks. Beyond this he uses a wide variety of Spell and Traps that disable an opponent's monsters like Gorgon's Eye and Toon Briefcase. However, his Toons are not immune to damage done by Spell or Trap cards.

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