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Archaius is in search of his twin Caleigh, and is caught up in conflicts of the Leebles and others who have been negatively affected by the Ciro Order.



  • Archaius: A human who was born into a life with inbred professions. Following the catastrophic event which led to his family's demise, Archaius goes in search of his twin Caleigh.  
  • Aero: Aero is a Leeble; the cat-like winged species that have adopted Archaius into their tribe. Aero has become particularly close to Archaius, and follows him on his quest.

  • Dominic: Another human who resides within the Leeble's village; a close friend of Archaius. 


  • Ciro Order: A faction from the nearby continent of Ciro, who have set up camp near and consequently, threatened the Leeble's village. 


All of the music within Melolune is written and composed by Laura Shigihara. There will be around 60 tracks total, 40 of which have been completed. The first 20 tracks are available for purchase at her website, and the rest will be added upon completion.  
Though it has not been explicitly stated, Track 1 (Silent Melodies) implies that music will play a large role in the abilities of the characters:
In my world, there are silent melodies all around us. If you listen carefully, you can catch them, and turn them into a song. Some of us can turn them into more than that. We call these fragments Melolune."  

Current Track Listing: 
 1. Silent Melodies
 2. Eclipse and Starlight 
 3. Melolune (vocal) 
 4. Leeble Village
 5. Tense 
 6. Sweet Unlucky (Battle Theme) 
 7. Victory  
 8. The Calm Before 
 9. Upperland Forest   
10. Ultimate Battle 
11. Premonition 
12. The Great World 
13. Carya de Mio (vocal) 
14. The Mines of the Orderian Engineers 
15. Taezu Freedom Fighters 
16. Traces (vocal) 
17.  LIttle Fish 
18. Transformation 
19. Caleigh 
20. Blue Starlight

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