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The Memorex/Tandy VIS was a "Visual Information System" that also doubled as a gaming machine. The machine was only sold in Radio Shack. The games released for the system were mostly educational.

System Specs:

  • CPU: Intel 286
  • Video System: Cirrus Logic
  • Sound System: Yamaha
  • Chipset: NCR Corperation
  • CDROM x2 IDE by Mitsumi
  • OS: Microsoft Modular Windows
  • 80286-12 processor on a local bus (not ISA) running at 12 MHz. 0-wait states.
  • 1 Meg ROM containing minimal MS-DOS 3.x, a few drivers, and Modular Windows(TM).
  • Built-in Audio CD player application
  • 1 MB of RAM in a conventional PC layout 640KB + 384KB.
  • Mitsumi 1x CD-ROM drive with 16-bit interface, 800msec access, 1300msec worst case access, CD+G capable.

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