dooops's Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction (Xbox) review

Fun but repetative.

This game is quite fun at first. It has that Grand Theft Auto feel at first but then quickly fades away.

The map is pretty small for a free roaming environment. The landscape is bare with the exception of a few trees , mountains , water streams and a few buildings. Other then that it's your deserted war area feel. You are able to go off the roads but you are most often stopped by mountain ranges that have too much of an incline to climb. Thus forcing you to follow the road, or near it, most of the time.

The handling of the jeeps and such are pretty unrealistic. You can never barrel roll no matter how fast you are driving and decide to take a turn. The hand brake basicly spins you around instead of havnig you fishtail a little to take the corners faster, no matter how lightly you tap it.

The fact that you do not have access to any vehicules on water is a shame. As well as not being able to swim is pretty funny seeing how you are a mercenary! I can drive tanks, airplanes, jeeps! I can fire any type of gun. Ask me to swim?! Sorry I never learnt how to do that , I did not think it would be important. *cough*

On to the good stuff. This game allows you to blow up anything you see. Which is pretty fun. It does reset upon turning the game on and off. They do add a bit of variety to the game with your missions. Nothing you have not seeing in war games. This game is basicly a blow em up and enjoy type of game. So if you enjoy these type of games then by all means this is the game for you.

Beware of the last mission. It is VERY annoying due to it's length. You have to go a long time without dying. If you die you have to repeat the whole mission over again. It had me cursing several times. Other then that the rest of the game is relativly easy.

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