Played the TGS Build Today - Hope This Game Comes to Wii U

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It played very well, the game oozes quality, but the slicing controls when you press R1 need some re-working, or something else. I found them to feel cumbersome even when you have time on your hands, but more to the point, they're nowhere near as satisfying to use as I hoped they would be. Having played The Wonderful 101 on Wii U earlier, and using the simple touch controls PlatninumGames applied to that game, I couldn't help but feel how much better Metal Gear: Rising would play on Wii U with the slice controls brought to the touch-pad, it would feel so much better than it does via conventional control. Hope the game comes to Wii U also down the line, the Konami reps said it's a possibility once PG are done with their announced crop, apparently Kojima wants something on Wii U.

- The Wonderful 101 -
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What you did in the section you have played? Also, talk about Wonderful 101.
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The demo was comprised of two sections, the first one was a basic tutorial which mainly involved the slicing mechanic. It had a series of floating cubes and those target range pop-up's. Some of the target men were holding hostages, so you basically had to get in close and hit (R1) then slice in the best suited direction to avoid the hostage but kill the dudes. It worked OK...even though it wasn't as precise or fun as I hoped it would be. It should feel satisfying, but it's not when you use an analogue stick...

The second section was campaign based, I didn't take much notice of the story, but what I did see was the one really evident aspect of the game that screams Kojima Productions. It's a definitely good thing, PG appear to have created a game which I think feels more like a PG one, than a Kojima one, from the little I've played - I think it's the core combat which is having this effect.

The gameplay was fast and fun, I think drawing from Ninja Gaiden Black in some areas. Going into regular button slice combos (not R1) and pulling out those heart things, IS very satisfying, it reminds me of both Bayonetta and Vanquish in that repect, both those games managed to make basic actions really fun to perform (sliding etc). Traversing is fun, it's all very swift and ninja-like.

The gameplay scenario involved taking out guards and trying to disable some strange looking mechs. The first mech you encounter is easy enough, but at the end of the demo you have to face two at the same time (one is a new kind), a task made much harder when you don't take out the guards with the rocket launchers on the upper level first.

Wonderful 101 was excellent, really enjoyable gameplay!, it's the type of game that makes you feel like a kid, playing with toys on the carpet and bashing them all togeher with a big smile on your face, lol. The game has fantastic controls, within minutes I was buzzing around like a pro. There's so many cool things to chuckle at also, small things that could only be conceived in the mind of Kamiya. It has hit wriiten all over it.

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@Wong_Fei_Hung: Man, the comparison to Ninja Gaiden is great, but the fact that the slicing mechanic is based on the precision of an analogue stick sucks. Also, i wan't really expecting much from Wonderful 101, but i'll be keeping an eye on it now. Thank you.
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@MikeGosot said:

@Wong_Fei_Hung: Man, the comparison to Ninja Gaiden is great, but the fact that the slicing mechanic is based on the precision of an analogue stick sucks. Also, i wan't really expecting much from Wonderful 101, but i'll be keeping an eye on it now. Thank you.

The combat is very Ninja Gaiden-esque, it feels like a very intricate dance at times. Having some musicality definitely helps.

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The idea of slicing things with the right analogue stick never seemed that great to me. I hope you can get by most battles without using it much.

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Does this game still have Kinect support? I remember that initially the premise was that the game was built to be a Kinect title, but that was before it was handed over to Platinum Games. I guess it would make sense for the game's core mechanics to be more compatible with ways of input more interpretative of player movement, such as a touch screen, than with analog sticks.

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PlatinumGames removed it, along with the stealth gameplay, Kojima-san deemed the latter to be an odd mix with such fast paced action. PG have had the reigns on this game and it definitely shows. Yea, it feels like a remnant, that's a good word to describe what it's become...

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