Question re: the last boss (spoilers kept to a minimum).

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So the last boss has been absolutely wrecking me. I went through a couple dozen attempts, none of which went well. Granted, I got to the last boss with only one nano paste available and repeatedly failed the Blade Mode event (timing is a little tight for my blade mode aiming skill, apparently). I repeatedly got the boss down to around 140%, but not past that point. So, a few questions for anyone who has finished the game:

1) Are there any opportunities to get nanopaste in the fight that I am not taking advantage of? (Guessing maybe the blade mode event may lead to one)

2) Should it really be necessary to get into the fight with more than 1 nano paste already available?

3) If you get past the blade mode event that happens around the 150% mark, is the fight mostly repetitive from there?


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1) If you successfully complete the Blade Mode sequence, nanopaste will pop out from the rubble of the ensuing quicktime event.

2) It's possible to do the fight with zero nanopaste, but I was playing on Normal and was able to get more nanopaste via the answer to the first question.

3) It's basically the same thing over and over save for another phase when the boss heals (I can tell you how to stop that, but I have a feeling you'll figure it out when you get to it.)

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Thank you; I figured once I stopped failing on the blade mode sequence, it would be mostly rinse & repeat. That makes me feel a lot closer than seeing the 140% does, that's all I needed to know.

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