Need help looking for an old Metal Gear Solid trailer

#1 Posted by BeefWaterfall (70 posts) -

I guess my internet searching skills aren't up to this task. Can you guys help? 
I'm searching for an old Metal Gear Solid trailer. Could be a commercial or a E3 trailer. Not sure. But I think its for MGS3:Snake Eater (I think, not sure). The trailer had these hand to hand combat scenes that looked James Bond credit sequences. Like silhouettes doing grapple and take down moves on each other (think Casino Royale credit sequence). I wanna show this video to a friend, but I just can't find it. Anyone know where I can find it? 
Thanks for any leads and links you guys can provide. 

#2 Posted by ZanzibarBreeze (3206 posts) -

A little bit like this?


#3 Posted by BeefWaterfall (70 posts) -

Sweet! Thanks ZanzibarBreeze! 
The version I saw had the Snake Eater song during it, but this will do. I just needed to see the animation. Again, big thanks. Not finding it was bugging me forever. The key word I was missing was "Subsistence".

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