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Best in the series!

I came into Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, knowing that I would love it. I loved the original version back on the NES, and I came back to it on the PSX with Metal Gear Solid. Unfortunately, I wasn't as thrilled with MGS 2: Sons of Liberty, just because of the mediocre boss battles, confusing story near the end, and main character, Raiden, wasn't excactly the Solid Snake I have come to love.

Gameplay: The gameplay isn't really the bright point of MGS 3, nor is it for any Metal Gear Solid game. The fixed camera view is annoying. But, in this game it is even more annoying because of the open forest enviroment which is present throughout most of the game. However, the AI in this game has been improved dramatically. A few minor gripes I have are the camoflogue system and the surgery gameplay. The boss battles are also amazing, especially later in the game. If you want this game, I recommend get Subsistence for the better controllable camera view.

Sound: The Metal Gear Solid series has always been known for the best voice acting, sound effects, and soundtracks in gaming history. That's the same here. Your stomach groans when you're hungry, the thrilling music plays when needed, and the transition from humorous voice acting to serious voice acting is amazing.

Graphics: Best looking PS2 game on the market. The open world enviroments are amazing, and the detail is so great, the facial animations look realistic.

Story: It's 1963/1964, in the Cold War period. You're Naked Snake (looks excactly like Solid Snake)  and you're told to find the Russian dude. Unfortunately, your old mentor, The Boss, defects and takes him away, with the help of Volgin and the Cobras (The Pain, The Fury, The Sorrow, The End, and The Fear), and nukes a Russian lab. Russia blames it on the US, US forces Snake to go eliminate The Boss. The story really doesn't take off until about halfway through the game. And yes, there are many twists and turns that you'll never expect. This is the best story in a Metal Gear game.


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