I'm ArbitraryWater, and these are my favorite old games on the citadel (2009-2013)

As you might know, I've played quite a few old games since I started doing this blog thing in the summer of 2009 (When I basically said that "You know, despite having aged super poorly, Goldeneye is still ok") Now,\ years later and with quite a repository under my belt, I figure I should catalog my favorites from among these, with a few more that I never got around to blogging about, but still played a decent amount of. For once, I'll give the good stuff it's place in the spotlight rather than the bad stuff, so don't expect those 3 or so games that I always talk about being crappy.

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Posted by TheDudeOfGaming

After you listed Arcanum as a bad RPG and Deus Ex as an RPG i was kind of pissed off, but a lot of great games on this list.  Also Fallout 2 is not on this list. Is it because its similar to Fallout or because you didn't like it?

Posted by ArbitraryWater
@TheDudeOfGaming:  I did not like what I played of Fallout 2. It was something with the way that the game was paced and structured that really annoyed me, and I haven't gone back for another try for a while. I'm sure it's a quality product or whatever, but it's not something that I relish going back to and trying to crack. Again. Then again, Deus Ex was the same way and now I'm playing through that game so maybe it will appear on this list. Maybe.
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Posted by Jazz2

any list with the witcher on it is a great list :)