Games I like in concept more than in execution.

It's pretty simple. Sometimes, I want to like a game far more than I am actually liking it. While I guess they could also fall in my "Wasted Potential" list, I find that the key difference is that not all of these games are generally bad, but more likely not in my taste.  For your sake and mine, I will try to stick to stuff that is well known. List is in no particular order.

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Posted by Video_Game_King

Let me say that FFT is one of the better FFT-esque strategy RPGs. The story's good (something other games like it don't seem to get), and the character customization's actually pretty cool.

Posted by Mento

FFT is as byzantine as Disgaea but way more subtle about it. Like how Lightning magic is more effective against units in water, or using knock-back attacks near cliffs to kill them with fall damage. Or into water so you could shock them. Clever stuff you had to figure out. Disgaea spells out all of its gimmicks to you and then sees if you have the patience to raise your units to level 9999 or take on a 100 floor dungeon generated by a piece of candy for shits and giggles.
What I'm saying is that in FFT there was nothing arbitrary about all that water stuff. So to speak.

Posted by Mento

I'm so sorry.
Here's some more comments to make up for it:
I liked Dead Rising more when it was Dragon Quarter. And I only sort of liked Dragon Quarter. 
Arcanum badly needs a fan patch that fixes everything. It seems like it'd be the type of game to have that kind of fanbase, you know?
I don't think Daggerfall could even be beaten, could it?
Fallout 2's best when you're using a trainer to shape the world in your image. For instance, I negated ranged damage and stuck H2H through the roof for Fist of the North Star mode. Made the opening missions less boring.