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J.C. Denton

Developed by Ion Storm Austin, and released in 2000 by Eidos Interactive, Deus Ex is a first-person shooter role-playing hybrid. In Deus Ex, players take on the role of JC Denton, a nano-augmented agent of UNATCO (the United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition). JC is charged with investigating a terrorist group known as the NSF (National Secessionist Force). Though, throughout the course of the story, JC finds himself dropped into a larger ideological war involving the Illuminati, Majestic-12, and other secret organizations. The future path of humanity is at stake and the game culminates with the player making the ultimate determination of mankind's future by choosing one of three possible scenarios.


Deus Ex plays as a hybrid between a shooter and an RPG. As JC Denton, players can make choices that ultimately alter the course of the main story, both in dialogue and through game actions. The RPG/shooter gameplay supports many different play styles; from run-and-gun, to stealth, to subterfuge. For example, a building might be guarded by robots. Players can choose to sneak past the robots as they patrol in circuit, lock-pick a nearby door to bypass the area the robots patrol, or, of course, go in guns blazing. The same set up might even include an opportunity for both stealth and action-based tactics. Again, for example, the player could stealthily hack gun turrets in order to enter a gun fight with added backup.

As in some RPGs, players can kill almost any non-critical character in the game. Some major characters may live or die based entirely on the player's decisions. Both of these major RPG features can lead to unique dialogue options, or change future mission objectives.

Deus Ex uses a grid-based inventory system. The encumbrance of Denton was adjusted for volume of larger items, and density of small items; assault rifles will take a few blocks of space, a rocket launcher will take a few more, but a multiple disarmed explosives can stack on the same block.

Improving Your Character

A large part of Deus Ex revolves around the ability to improve JC's abilities. There are three notable ways to do this: Augmentation Canisters, Upgrade Canisters, and Skill Points.

Augmentation and Upgrade Canisters

Augmentation selection screen

The player can improve Denton's abilities via bio-mechanical augmentation. This is done by collecting canisters and interacting with a medical bot. Denton's body contains a set number of augmentation slots. Each slot may only hold a single canister--containing 2 pre-determined augmentations--and only one of the augmentations can be activated at a time, forcing the player to decide between the two bonuses.

The augmentation slots are as follows:

  • Head Augmentations
  • Eye Augmentations
  • Subdermal Augmentations
  • Torso Augmentations
  • Arm Augmentations
  • Leg Augmentations

Skill Points

Skill Upgrade Screen

At the start of each game, the player is allotted a set number of points to be spent on various skills. By completing mission objectives (including sub-goals or specific game actions) as well as through exploration, the player gains additional skill points to spend later.

Every skill has 4 levels of progression: Untrained, Trained, Advanced, and Master. The trainable skills are as follows:

  • Computer - Allows hacking and manipulation of security consoles and computers.
  • Electronics - Reduces the number of multi-tools required for any non-computer hack.
Deus Ex Limb based health system in the PC version of the game
  • Environmental Training - Allows the player to better survive environmental hazards and make better use of certain equipment such as re-breathers, hazard suits and body armor.
  • Medicine - Increases the amount of health regained when using health kits.
  • Swimming - Increases the player's swimming speed and the time they can spend underwater.
  • Weapons: Demolition (various grenade types.) - Increases damage and accuracy of small explosives. Also makes grenades placed as mines easier to disarm.
  • Weapons: Heavy (Rocket launchers, etc.) - Increases damage and accuracy with heavy weapons. Also shortens reload time and movement penalty when wielding a heavy weapon.
  • Weapons: Low-Tech (Swords, knives, etc.) - Increases damage and accuracy with melee weapons.
  • Weapons: Pistol (Hand guns, etc) - Increases damage and accuracy, while shortening reload times.
  • Weapons: Rifle (Sniper rifles, machine guns, etc.) - Reduces reload time while increasing accuracy and damage. A master-level sniper shot can destroy a camera in a single hit.

Weapons List

Weapon / Icon / Inventory spaceDescription / Stats / Possible upgrades
A portable flamethrower which utilizes napalm to incinerate enemies.
Weapon type: Heavy
Base damage: 3 (fires bursts of 7 units of napalm additional burning damage)
Accuracy: 55%
ROF: very fast
Clip size: 100
Max ammo: 400
Upgrades accepted
Range, Reload speed
Guided explosive Projectile (GEP) gun
A rocket launcher that can fire powerful unguided / heat seeking rockets.
Weapon type: Heavy
Base damage: 300
Accuracy: 75%
ROF: very slow
Clip size: 1
Max ammo: 20
HE rockets are effective against anything destructible. It has a small splash damage area.
WP rockets have a wide splash damage area and sets anything flammable on fire.
Upgrades accepted
Range, Reload speed
Light Antitank Weapon (LAW)
A disposable, anti-armor rocket launcher with a large splash damage area.
Weapon type: Heavy
Base damage: 100
Accuracy: 70%
Clip size: Single Use
Plasma Rifle
A devastating experimental weapon that fires three plasma projectiles at once.
Effective against slow moving targets.
Weapon type: Heavy
Base damage: 105 (3 projectiles with 35 damage each)
Accuracy: 70%
ROF: medium
Clip size: 12
Max ammo: 84
Upgrades accepted
Accuracy, Range, Recoil, Clip, Reload speed
Laser sight, Scope
A standard government issue 10mm pistol.
Weapon type: Pistol
Base damage: 14
Accuracy: 65%
ROF: medium
Clip size: 6
Max ammo: 150
Upgrades accepted
Accuracy, Range Recoil, Reload speed, Clip
Laser sight, Scope
Stealth Pistol
A pistol with a larger clip and an integrated silencer, designed for stealth combat.
Weapon type: Pistol
Base damage: 8
Accuracy: 60%
ROF: fast
Clip size: 10
Max ammo: 150
Upgrades accepted
Accuracy, Range, Reload speed, Clip
Laser sight, Scope
Mini Crossbow
A wrist-mounted stealth-oriented weapon, which uses three types of ammo.
Weapon type: Pistol
Base damage: 25
Accuracy: 60%
ROF: medium
Clip size: 4
Max ammo: 60
Tranquilizer darts: ( Nonlethal ) Tranquilizes the target slowly and knocks it out.(Does additional poison damage)
Darts: Lethal and powerful dart.
Flare darts: Useful to light up certain surfaces, otherwise it does damage as a normal dart.
Upgrades accepted
Range, Reload speed, Accuracy
Laser sight Scope
Special: (Tranquilizer darts stun enemies instead of killing them)
PS 20
A disposable prototype plasma stealth weapon.
Weapon type: Pistol
Base damage: 25
Accuracy: 100%
Clip size: Single use
Assault rifle
A 7.62 x 51mm bullpup assault rifle intended for close-quarters combat.
Weapon type: Rifle
Base damage: 3 (fires bursts of 5 rounds)
Accuracy: 65%
ROF: very fast
Clip size: 30
Max Ammo: 300 7.62 x 51 / 32 20mm HE grenades
7.62 x 51 ammo: Effective against organic targets and some destructible objects.
20 mm HE: Effective against everything with a wide splash damage area.
Upgrades accepted
Accuracy, Range, Recoil, Clip, Reload speed
Laser sight, Silencer
Assault shotgun
Known unofficially as the "Street Sweeper," it is a fully automatic shotgun which can quickly clear a room.
Weapon type: Rifle
Base damage: 20 (5 pellets with 4 damage)
Accuracy 60%
ROF: fast
Clip size: 12
Max Ammo: 96 Both types
00 Buckshot: Effective against organic tissues.
Sabot slug: Effective against armored targets. (In the game this is a pellet round that does more damage)
Upgrades accepted
Clip, Reload, Recoil
Sawed Off Shotgun
A compact pump-action, close range shotgun.
Weapon type: Rifle
Base damage: 25 (5 pellets with 5 damage)
Accuracy 70%
ROF: slow
Clip size: 4
Max ammo: 96
00 Buckshot: Effective against organic tissues.
Sabot slug: Effective against armored targets. (In the game this is a pellet round that does more damage)
Upgrades acceptedClip, Reload, Recoil
Sniper Rifle
A 30.06 based sniper rifle.
Weapon type: Rifle
Base damage: 25
Accuracy 75%
ROF: slow
Clip size: 6
Max ammo: 96
Upgrades accepted
Accuracy, Range, Recoil, Clip, Reload speed
Laser sight, Silencer
A standard police/military baton.
Weapon type: Low Tech
Base damage: 7
Accuracy: 50%
ROF: fast
Special: (Stuns enemies instead of killing them)
Riot Prod
A weapon which causes a seizure-like reaction when the target is hit by the end of the prod.
Weapon type: Low Tech
Base damage: 15
Accuracy: 75%
ROF: medium
Clip size: 4
Special: (Stuns enemies instead of killing them)
Combat knife
A standard combat knife.
Weapon type: Low Tech
Base damage: 5
Accuracy: 50%
ROF: fast
Throwing knives
Knives to throw at targets.
Weapon type: Low Tech
Base damage: 15
Accuracy: 55%
ROF: fast
Max ammo: 25
Pepper gun
A riot control weapon which causes temporary blindness and great pain for the victim.
Weapon type: Low Tech
Base damage: 0
Accuracy: 65%
ROF: very fast
Clip size: 100
Max ammo: 400
Special: (Immobilizes enemies and causes minor damage to JC when fired by an enemy)
A crowbar.
Weapon type: Low Tech
Base damage: 6
Accuracy: 50%
ROF: medium
A typical sword.
Weapon type: Low Tech
Base damage: 10
Accuracy: 50%
ROF: medium
Dragon's tooth sword
An indestructible and very damaging sword, which was forged with nanotechnology.
Weapon type: Low Tech
Base damage: 100 (5x20)
Accuracy: 50%
ROF medium
EMP grenade
Effective against all electronics and can be used as a proximity mine.
Weapon type: Demolition
Base damage: 0
Accuracy: 50%
ROF: medium
Max ammo: 10
Gas grenade
A tear gas grenade which effects humans and can be used as a proximity mine.
Weapon type: Demolition
Base damage: 0
Accuracy : 50%
ROF: medium
Max ammo: 10
Special: (Immobilizes enemies who are in the gas area and causes damage to JC)
LAM (Lightweight Attack Munitions)
A highly explosive grenade. Doubles as a proximity grenade.
Weapon type: Demolition
Base damage: 50
Accuracy: 50%
ROF: medium
Max ammo: 10
Scramble grenade
A grenade which causes security bots to attack each other and ignore security breaches. Also doubles as proximity mine.
Weapon type: Demolition
Base damage: 0
Accuracy: 50%
ROF: medium
Max ammo: 10

Items List


Hazmat suit
Protects against acid, radiations, toxic substances, and electric / EMP fields.
Thermoptic Camo
Grants invisibility for a short period of time, useful to bypass some hard security.
Ballistic Armor
Protcts against most physical and explosive damage.
Allow for extended time underwater
Fire extinguisher
Extinguishes fires.
Creates a cloud to disable enemies similar to pepper spray
Night Vision Goggles
Enabled vision in low light settings.
Generates light within a small radius.
Short durability but useful for saving other resources.
Activates a zoom
Useful for unlocking mechanical doors, chests, vents, doors, etc.
Useful for disabling electronic devices through panels, such as laser fences, alarm panels, security cameras, turrets, keypad locks, etc.
Weapon upgrades
Accuracy upgrade
Upgrades a weapon's accuracy and reduces aiming time
Laser sight
Adds laser sight to a weapon.
Pressing the laser button will toggle its visibility.
Range upgrade
Upgrades a weapon's range.
Adds scope to a weapon.
Pressing the scope button enables a zoom function.
Every weapon has a set zoom power.
Recoil upgrade
Diminishes weapon's recoil.
Adds a silencer to a weapon.
Reload Speed
Decreases reload time.
Clip upgrade
Upgrade the amount of ammo per magazine.
Add 1 ammo in the magazine if the mag is under 20 ammo and adds 10% if the mag =20 or above


Heals 30 HP or more depending on medical skill level.
Can carry a maximum of 15 at a time.
Zyme vial
Hardcore drug
Causes vision blur and sway.
Can be sold to some dealers to gain money or other useful things.
Soy Food
Heals 5 HP.
Cigarette pack
Removes 10 HP from the torso.
Soda can
Heals 2 HP.
Beer bottle
The beer gives 2 HP and adds some vision blur.
Candy bar
Heals 2 HP.
Wine bottle
Rarer then beer, but does the same thing, gives 2 HP and vision blur.
The liquor is very rare and found mostly in bars. Has the same effect as wine and beer, 2 HP and vision blur.

Augmentations List

The player is given 1 head slot, 1 eye slot, 3 torso slots, 1 arm slot, 2 sub-dermal slots, and 1 leg slot in addition to the default augmentations. The player must choose the augmentations they wish to equip in those slots. The available augmentations are listed below:

Allows player to receive communications from characters in the game.
Colors crosshairs to identify friend/foe.
The light
Allows player to see in the dark. Enemies can spot the light.
Aggressive Defense System
Allows player to detonate explosives such as rockets / grenades before they reach the player. Upgraded: Detonate planted LAMs, more range.
Spy Drone
Remote flying camera. Upgraded: Flies faster, has EMP bomb. It needs one minute to be recreated after use.
Scope Vision.
Upgraded: Can indicate enemy health and status.
Vision Enhancement
Night Vision.
Upgraded: Can see through walls within a certain range, and at great range when fully upgraded .
Allows player to breathe longer, reduces oxygen consumption underwater.
Environmental Resistance
Allows player to resist against radiation and toxins.
Allows player to cure wounds in exchange of bio electric energy.
Energy Shield
Allows player to resist "energy" and "fire" weapons.
Power Recirculator
Reduces energy consumption of other augmentations, while consuming some energy as well.
Sythetic Heart
Increases efficiency of augmentations. Increases energy use slightly while adding one more level to active augmentations.
(Cannot be upgraded)
Combat Strength
Increases the damage dealt by melee weapons and allows some weapons to break certain objects.
Microfibral Muscle
Increases player's strength to lift/push heavy objects.
Ballistic Protection
Resist against physical damage such as bullets, projectiles, and melee weapons
Makes player invisible to organic creatures. The upgrade reduces its energy consumption.
EMP Shield
Resists against EMP damage and prevents the BE to be drained by EMP.
Radar Transparency
Makes player invisible to robots/cameras. The upgrade reduces its energy consumption.
Speed Enhancement
Allows player to run faster, jump higher, and reduces falling damage.
Run silent
Makes the player run silently. Great when combined with the cloak.


The music in Deus Ex was composed by Alexander Brandon and consists of jazz, techno, and ambient sounds. These tracks are implemented dynamically, much like the iMUSE system developed by LucasArts. Thus the music changes based on what is happening around the player.

Deus Ex Track List:

  1. Main Title - 02:24
  2. Intro Sequence - 02:23
  3. Liberty Island - 05:26
  4. UNATCO - 05:12
  5. Battery Park - 04:42
  6. NYC Streets - 04:15
  7. Lebedev's Airfield - 03:14
  8. Airfield Action - 01:10
  9. Enemy Within - 01:48
  10. Desolation (Hong Kong Canal) - 02:26
  11. The Synapse (Hong Kong Streets) - 04:37
  12. Hong Kong Action - 00:59
  13. Majestic 12 Labs - 01:50
  14. Versalife - 03:48
  15. Naval Base - 04:59
  16. Paris Streets - 01:18
  17. DuClare Château - 06:42
  18. Paris Action - 01:24
  19. Return to NYC - 01:34
  20. Ocean Lab - 01:35
  21. Ocean Action - 01:24
  22. Ocean Lab Complex - 01:48
  23. Vandenberg - 03:46
  24. Begin the End (Bunker) - 01:41
  25. Area 51 - 02:22
  26. Ending 1 - 01:15
  27. Ending 2 - 01:18
  28. Ending 3 - 01:50
  29. The Illuminati - 02:38
  30. DX Club Mix - 03:00
  31. Training Room - 02:03
  32. NYC Bar - 05:10
  33. Hong Kong Helipad - 03:30
  34. Hong Kong Club 1 - 04:56
  35. Hong Kong Club 2 - 02:57
  36. The Nothing - 03:17
  37. Paris Club 1 - 02:49
  38. Paris Club 2 - 04:31
  39. Paris Cathedral - 03:36
  40. Conspiravision - 05:38
  41. Paris Cathedral Conversation - 00:54


Deus Ex was well received by critics, who praised it for its interesting story and immersive gameplay, as well as the game's cyberpunk setting. The game scored solid to exceptional reviews from some notable gaming outlets, such as an 8.2 from GameSpot, a 9.4 from IGN, a 5/5 from GamePro, and a 88/100 from GameSpy. Overall the game averaged scores of 90 and 91 as tracked by review aggregate sites Metacritic and Game Rankings. It was nominated for over 40 Game of the Year and Best in Class awards by numerous gaming outlets, including IGN, GameSpot, and PC Gamer, and is arguably one of the most influential CRPG/shooter hybrids in gaming history.

Many reviewers repeatedly mentioned a few negative aspects, such as the underwhelming graphics. The voice acting was also criticized, GamePro's Chris Patterson calling it "truly cheesy."

PC Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 95/98/Me/XP
  • Processor: Pentium 300 (Min.), Pentium 450 (Rec.)
  • Memory: 64 MB RAM (Min.), 128 MB (Rec.)
  • Video Card: 8MB DirectX 7.0a compatible 3D graphics card (Min.)
  • Sound Card: DirectX 7.0a compatible sound card
  • Hard Drive Space: 150 MB (minimum)


  • There's an Easter Egg in the Hell's Kitchen map in Deus Ex. There's a neighborhood basketball park where a bum is getting roughed up by some NSF toughs. If you miss hitting the basket enough times with the basketball, you'll see a message that says: "Sign him up for the Nicks!!!!"
  • Deus Ex creator Warren Spector has credited Suikoden as an influence on the game (see here and here). He stated that the limited moral choices in the game, some of which turn out to be false choices, are what inspired him to explore the concept much further and attempt to offer meaningful choices that actually matter.
  • Modern choice-based role-playing shooters like Mass Effect and Fallout 3 are considered "descendants" of Deus Ex.

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