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 A creative from a young age and a self-taught fine artist with the goal of one day working in the film industry after being inspired by the release of Star Wars in the 1970’s. Michael's first art a set of Pencil Drawings was published in the Lancashire Evening Telegraph in 1975. In 1979 Michael had to put his artistic dreams on hold to pursue a career in electrical engineering and abruptly became an apprentice electrician. It was very strange that his first job as an apprentice was to install equipment in the new offices and printing presses of the Lancashire Evning Telegraph, the equipment installed by Michael created the first newspaper in the world that used digital editing and later the same computers would be the first to send news to the World Wide Web daily. Other firsts for Michael as he worked as an electrician came later when he worked on the machine that created the first CD at Philips and later he built the jigs that held the Eurofighter Typhoon during the early production phase at British Aerospace. One of the strangest installation jobs Michael encountered was the Claxby Radar Station in Glaxby Lincolnshire.

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