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The main character in Pokemon XD: Gale of Drakness, his mission is to "snag" all of team Chiper's shadow pokemon (there being a total of 83) and purify them. His story starts when the multiple professors develop the Purification Chambers 5 years after the original Shadow Pokemon incident in case it ever happened (which it did).  

Micheal has superb battling skills and is first seen in a battle simulation with his Salamance against a sim trainer's Metagross soon after the scene where a Black Lugia (XD 001) steals the S.S. Libra. After the battle he is told about his skill as a trainer and how his skills can surpass that of even most adults. Shortly after this and finding his sister (Jovi) in another nearby lab, the Professor Krane (the head scientist) asks him to try on the Snag Machine and gives him 5 pokeballs. 

A few moments later a mysterious group of people come and take professor Krane away, but not before Micheal has a battle with one of the spys, Naps. In this battle his snag machine activates telling Micheal that Naps has a shadow Teddiersa. Micheal snags it and soon after the 3 spys take off with the porfessor. 

With these events now set into motion Micheal starts his journey to save professor Krane and save all the Shadow Pokemon in Orre.

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