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The Orre region is the first fully fleshed out region in the Pokemon world to differ from the norm of other games. Unlike other regions such as Johto or Hoenn, Orre has no official Pokemon league or gym system; or any wild Pokemon. Before the events of Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness trainers from Orre who wished to form a Pokemon team had to travel or import Pokemon from other regions. After Colosseum wild Pokemon finally started to return in small packs to the region which can be captured in Gale of Darkness by trainers.

   Phenac City, the only inhabited Oasis in Orre.   
Orre is a mostly barren desert with a few oases scattered across the land with one lush forest located in the north western reaches of the zone. Because of this there are very few towns or people inhabiting these places and long stretches of desert land where no one, even Pokemon, can be found. Some people have even gone as far as creating an under ground city to avoid the harsh climates of the desert above, though the major city underground was abandoned and sunk deeper into the earth after the events of Pokemon Colosseum.
The region is much darker than others and most civilians have an every man for himself outlook on life. Because of this there are many crooks and criminal organizations all with their own twisted goals. Most towns also feature a constant running tournament where trainers can go to prove how powerful they are. During Colosseum these tournaments are also used as a way for Team Snagem to give Shadow Pokemon to strong trainers.

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