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Pyrite town is one of the few towns in the Orre region of the Pokemon universe. As the most run down of the towns it also has the highest rate of criminal activity and prior to Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness was home to one of the biggest criminal organizations at the time, Team Snagem. Most buildings are made of what look like metal scraps and there is trash littered everywhere. Still, the town has a police force and often have to make use of it given how many criminals and thugs there are around. 
Pyrite is also connected to another major town known as The Under. The Under was once a major mining site and was connected to Pyrite for transportation purposes. At some point before the events of Pokemon Colosseum the area was fully mined dry and as such the people living in Pyrite either had to move for new jobs or turn to a criminal life style.
Much like the other towns of Orre Pyrite has its own Colosseum in the northern part of town. While originally operated by a local by the name of Duking it is taken over by Team Snagem prior to the events of Pokemon Colosseum and used as a base of operations to hand out Shadow Pokemon to tournament winners. This is put to an end early in Colosseum by the games protagonists Wes and Rui

Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness 

ONBS, the official news station of Orre. 
Sometime between the events of Pokemon Colosseum and the start of Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness a group of kids known as the Kids Grid take control of the Team Snagem hideout. After cleaning it up and sealing a cave connected to it they transform the building into ONBS, a news and radio station for the Orre region dedicated to keeping everyone up to date with any urgent news.

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