New song from Heroes VI: Sneak peek by Paul Romero!

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Have you guys heard the new song Paul Romero showed off at his YouTube page? It sounds really nice. Looking forward to the whole thing since the music always have been top notch in the series.

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A really nice piece, good to see Romero working on this.

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Yeah, him still being with the series is a major draw for me. The games can be slow paced, and you will hear the songs a lot. I trust Romero to do his best, and I'm not really worried.

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It's a nice piece, and the soundtrack is always one of the best parts about any given Heroes game. But I'm more concerned with what they're going to do with the gameplay. I've deliberately read next to nothing about Heroes VI because the Might and Magic community's jaded attitude towards just about everything. Oh well, even if the game is the worst thing in the world, the soundtrack will still be good.

#5 Posted by Chemin (632 posts) -
@ArbitraryWater: Yeah, I've read some things about the gameplay, and while I don't think the changes might be bad per se, I'm still a bit skeptical. Still, as you said, the soundtrack seems to be pretty nice, which of course gives you something to enjoy. I mean, Heroes 4 was an utter failure in my opinion, but the soundtrack was amazing.
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Even more songs from the game, performed live. Of course, they're only based around one or two instruments, so it's barely even close to the real versions. Sweet none the less.

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That first piece you posted was pretty goddamn awesome.

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