Mighty Flip Champs starts out with a good review from IGN

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You can see the review here.
Well, DSi owners finally have a downloadable title to call good. IGN just gave the game an 8.5, and mentioned that the one criticism was the insane diffuculty. 
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You see, this is the problem with just putting game topics in their game forums. After they drop off the first newest topics page, they are regulated to purgatory. 

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8.5, that's cool enough.  I agree on what he says about the graphics, but as a fan of retro games I think I will appreciate them, just a little bit more, that goes fior the sound also.

Still waiting, I wonder how long peeps in Europe will have to wait.. 

I knew it was going to be hard, I could tell that just by looking at it.
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Looks pretty good, but I'm still not sold on the DSi.

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