Minecraft Xbox 360 Version - Partner(s) Wanted!

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Hey all. I've had Minecraft on the PC for a very long time and never got into it, but as soon as it hit the Marketplace, I picked it up as 90% of my friends list were playing it. I had A LOT of fun. Now, my friends have figured out the glitch to dupe items, and get unlimited of anything -- not fun. So, I've started a new map, and I would just like to play it normally, find diamonds, make an awesome house, explore, make a farm around my house, etc.

Is there anyone willing to play with me? I've not got very much, a house with fire for its roof, some gold, a little diamond and well that's about it. I've got a cave going and everything. COME PLAY?

My gamertag is Somekindof FOZY

So, if you want to play, reply, add me, message me, whatever. Would love to enjoy this with other people!

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#2 Posted by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

I would buy I can't play live at my house. Its too laggy.

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@SexyToad: Minecraft plays fine on laggy connections!

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