You duders should be following the snapshots.

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Do you duders know about the snapshots for minecraft? They're basically beta updates. They add new features to the game. I guess I'm just spreading the word. They're pretty awesome. Come out very week. Used to be on Monday's but they changed it to thursday. Last weeks one they added a new "mob".

Villager zombies! That's right. They carry around swords. I also have seen one carry a shovel. The one in the picture has a enchanted weapon. I have not seen or heard of one with that so that might be a mod. The Skeletons and zombies also have new drops. This just too much! I'll keep you guys up to date tomorrow.

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I gave up on following snapshots, I'm done with having to install a new minecraft jar every single week. I wish you could just download a beta client similar to that of TF2 or WoW.

Edit: I also feel that putting out snapshots is more important to Mojang now than actually getting official updates out at reasonable times. Then again I'm probably just nostalgic about the way things used to be.

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That is pretty cool, but I only ever play on my server with friends so I can't exactly use the snapshots.

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Minecraft is ok, I don't really care about it that much, It is coded very poorly, and designed worse, but its fun every once in a while to do somthing while listening to a podcast.

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@MikkaQ:They also release snapshota for servers as well. But i would think it would be a hassle for everyone to update every week.

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Man, so much has been added to this game that I think it's completely lost focus. I really loved the game in alpha, spent hours with it, but if I went back to it I'd get lost with how many new features there are.

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@SexyToad said:

@MikkaQ:They also release snapshota for servers as well. But i would think it would be a hassle for everyone to update every week.

Plus I run a bukkit server, so I'm at their mercy to update.

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Well, now he looks even MORE like Squidward.

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@Vigorousjammer said:

Well, now he looks even MORE like Squidward.

Thats actually the next mob.

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I usually like to avoid them, that way I get a good "Oh Shit moment" when it comes out.

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Im not a big fan of snapshots.... then again I played minecraft for 2 years straight(I mean that's the only game I played.)and i now feel that I have burned out on that game

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