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I guess this is supposed to be a kids game, but in the same way as Super Mario Galaxy is a kids game, it is just as much fun for this adult. It is a third person exploration game not unlike Mario in its execution.
The game puts you in a cutesy pseudo old Japanese world where you control a small Ninja on a mission to save the world. You start of with the ability to hit things and jump, but as you progress you pick up weapons and spells which gives you an increasing arsenal of ways to dispatch foes. You also rescue your old friends along the way which you can switch between, with each character having their own strengths and weaknesses.
The game is relatively simple, and it even gives you hints if you are lost or are finding something difficult.
The relatively easy gameplay is part of why I really like this game. It drops you into a wonderful game world that is fun to explore and has some lovely cartoon style graphics. I really like the sound, playing it with my Turtle Beach headphones give some wonderful game effects and music that really sets the scene. 
Overall I am finding it charming, which is a rare commodity in games, and I am really enjoying the fantasy journey it is taking me on.


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