Who's Getting Modern Warfare 2 for PC?

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 Not this guy.

We've heard a lot of stuff, mainly bad regarding the PC version, but frankly I just like to play a game, I'm not that into hosting servers, modding, or doing any of that. I do understand however that the PC version of MW2 compared to a lot of other PC games, is kinda gimped. I guess that's why I'd like to know who here in GB is gonna get it for the PC? I am, because I just want the prettiest version. I mean, both the consoles graphically seem to have gotten the same love, but I just prefer to get a shooter if available, for the PC, for the controls.

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Well at least its not a MW2 PC thread where I have to call the WAAHHHMBULANCE

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I do realize this website skews a bit towards the console side, so I'd like to see how alone I am here in my decision.

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I'm bending over. May hurt a bit, but damn i'll enjoy it.

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I haven't played through the first one, so the experience of walking into Modern Warfare fresh is enough to overlook no dedicated servers/lower player cap

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@FrEeZe: Oh boy, you're gonna be blown away then. Since they refined the sequel so much, damn I envy you.
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I miiight get it for PC not sure yet though. Anyone know if the 360 controller for Windows is supported for MW2 on PC? If it is then I am gonna get it.

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@CitizenJP: Oh yeah, it is definitely. And I heard in Jeff's twitter that the PC version has Steam Achievements, that's a plus.
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The PC version is still superior to the console version.

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I am.  I prepurchased it on Steam so I have to wait until the 12th.  My friend is not a big gamer anymore, but he took a peek in EB Games today and saw MW2, so right now it says he is playing it on Steam... lucky bastard.

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@DOUBLESHOCK: Does it say it's a non-Steam game?
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i'll get it for christmas
the call of duty series is my yearly christmas present

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@artofwar420 said:

" @DOUBLESHOCK: Does it say it's a non-Steam game? "

it just says he's playing MW2.  he said you add the cd key to your steam account and it goes onto your account like normal.
and haha he just finished it...
Mordok44: wow
Mordok44: wow
Mordok44: wow
Mordok44: i just finsihed it
Mordok44: wow
Mordok44: just
Mordok44: holy fuck
Mordok44: wow
DOUBLESHOCK: that was fast lol
Mordok44: ive been palyin since
Mordok44: 6
Mordok44: sorry
Mordok44: 9*
Mordok44: and wow
Mordok44: just im like shocked now
Mordok44: how good that was
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" @artofwar420 said:

" @DOUBLESHOCK: Does it say it's a non-Steam game? "

it just says he's playing MW2.  he said you add the cd key to your steam account and it goes onto your account like normal.  and haha he just finished it... Mordok44: wowMordok44: wowMordok44: wowMordok44: i just finsihed itMordok44: wowMordok44: justMordok44: holy fuckMordok44: wowDOUBLESHOCK: !DOUBLESHOCK: that was fast lolMordok44: ive been palyin sinceMordok44: 6Mordok44: sorryMordok44: 9*Mordok44: and wowMordok44: just im like shocked nowMordok44: how good that was "
That's great, all boxed games should do that with Steam, there's no reason not to... well maybe there is, but they should try anyways.
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@artofwar420: Siiiick. Yeah I'm defs gonna get it now. I enjoy Steam achievements. :)
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I might get it but I am holding out to see if the boycott really slams the amount of people playing the pc version.
and on a side note people really need to stop raging on the amazon review for it lol

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@Dizzyhippos: At least in the Steam store, MW2 is the thing that's on top of the top sellers, I don't think people are really boycotting it. 
I'd like to hear if someone actually is boycotting it.
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I already got it. Mulitplayer is fun. SIngleplayer sucks.

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@Xolare: Did you like the first CoD4's single player?
#21 Posted by Xolare (1287 posts) -
@artofwar420: Yeah, and WaW's too. Modern Warfare 2's is way to over-the-top.
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I got it, I'm playing it, I'm loving it.

#23 Posted by MattyFTM (14442 posts) -

I will do eventually, but I can't afford it right now.


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