Post your creations HERE! :D

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Ill go first.  This is also my first Mod - DJ Lizard and his Kart - ANIMAL


Can anyone tell me how to get pics off your ps3 and onto the pc cause these images dont do them justice
Check me out on psn my ID is PSN
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To load up the pictures from your ps3 just use the in-game camera mode either in the modspot or better pictures in the creation station using the camera tool there.  They will show up on your ps3 dashboard in the pictures column in a folder named after the current month.  You can copy them onto a flash drive from there :).
Here are some of mine:

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Man people have gotten insane with some of this stuff. i love it.

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k just got some new screens taken :)

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With everything I see for this game it makes me want it more and more...

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Mate that plane kart is awesome :D

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Here are a few of my favorites I have made. One original, one inspiration from my love of Batman, and the other two are copyrighted propaganda! 

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My new Tiger. I tried to name it Tiger Punk but MNR thinks that's a bad word... so it's Tiger ****. Yep

EDIT: Added a better picture. Plus, I added my sheriff that looks a lot like Sam Eliot and my Nightcrawler with the dark eyes (no one else is doing the black on his face. That's how I remember my Nightcrawler.
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I prefer tracks: 
If people rate I'll be more than happy to do it back :)
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I have no pictures to upload at the moment, but if there are any Chicago Bears fans out there, I'd appreciate it if you checked out my SNL inspired Superfan Mod and Kart. 
Mod: Superfan 
Urlacher jersey, Ditka 'stache, Chris Farley aviators.  Custom Bears logo. 

Kart: Superfan Supercar 
Blue and Orange station wagon with a couple of Superfan-isms on it.  Custom Bears logo. 

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