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Modnation for the win! 5

Modnation Racers is the latest in a series of games that Sony calls "Play. Create. Share" that originally started with Little Big Planet. Where LBP allowed the user to make their own platforming levels and upload them for other users to play and rate, Modnation Racers lets the user make their own racing tracks, but also takes it a step further with a deep Character and Kart creator.The actual racing portion of Modnation Racers plays exactly like you would expect a Kart Racer to play. You drift a...

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Its more than a kart racer, its an entire nation of Mod 1

     If it aint broke don't fix it. And with Sony Computer entertainment's infamous "Play, Create, Share" formula put to good use once again you're left with what is, for all intents and purposes, the LittleBigPlanet of kart-racing.  Now before you start assuming that this is simply Mario Kart for the PS3 and you'll only be doing repetitive Grand Prixs down Rainbow road all day there's a little more to ModNation than meets the eye that will have you coming b...

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Creativity and racing excellence awaits. 2

  The ethos behind the 'Play, Create, Share' brand is excellent. Allowing users to easily design, edit and publish such content burgeons originality, creativity and provides a platform for brilliance. Following on from Media Molecule's platformer LittleBigPlanet , ModNation Racers puts the comparisons to Mario Kart behind it and delivers a unique and fresh approach towards the kart racer of old. Dropped into ModNation's central hub world, 'Modspot', you'll begi...

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Finally, A Kart Racer That Can Compete... 0

     Modnation Racers feels like a breathe of fresh air for the kart racing genre that is dominated by the Mario Kart series. It also takes the genre to new heights under the Play, Create, and Share formula made famous by LittleBigPlanet. All the customization elements allow players' imaginations to go through the roof or just attempt to replicate what has been popular in other games from characters, karts, and even the tracks. While it brings some new things to the table, it suffers from linger...

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The Fourth or Fifth Other M 0

Meet the Other M in my recent life. ModNation Racers. I feel like I’ve been putting off giving this peculiar racing game the time it deserves on account of the recently released and comically-named Metroid title. Maybe I underrated Other M and how replayable the game is when you skip those awful cutscenes. This is a shame because 1. ModNation Racers has pretty amusing cutscenes (considering how they’re skewered towards children) and 2. the rest of the game is isn’t half-bad either. It’s ...

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ModNation Racers Review 0

ModNation Racers is kart racing game for the PlayStation 3 in which you get to not only race but create your kart and your avatar. You'll also get your chance at creating courses of insanity and difficulty. You'll get to race against friends and foes a like, and the fun never quite seems to stop.Graphically this game looks great on the PlayStation 3. All the little changes you make to your avatar and kart are easily reflected and seen by all who want to observe them. Now the editing tools for yo...

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Modnation Racers wins the gold 1

Modnation Racers is, as the name implies, a racing game, and one that tries not to take itself too seriously, at that. It has all the basics of a fantastical racing game aswell; weapon system, insane tracks and even more insane characters. However, there's more depth to it than most other games like it.GimmickAs the "Mod" part would imply, you can customize and create characters and karts as you wish, and even create your own race tracks. However, you are also able to publish and download tracks...

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My mods; let me show you them 0

Reviewer's note:  I realize this is a game from summer 2010, but there were a number of loading issues with this title that have been since patched.  Also, I feel when dealing with a strong community oriented game, it's only fair to give it a few months to breathe.  I feel those two things make it a different game than it was at release. ----- Something eventually will topple Mario Kart.  I probably won't happen this generation, but you can't fault a compony for trying.  United Front's debut, Mo...

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Mario + Sweet Tooth = So Wrong Yet So Right.. 0

  ModNation Racers punches you in the face with copyright infringement the moment you take a look at all the crazy user-made karts and mods. But did this game capture that same satisfying aspect of Kart racing that Nintendo has with Mario Kart? ModNation Racers is a kart-style racing game exclusive for the Playstation 3 from United Front Games, basing itself around Sony’s “Play. Create. Share.” It’s what you’d expect from a kart racer--kart racing, drifting, boosting and weapons--but it’...

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my modnations racers review 0

What i love about this game is the endless possibility's you can do create tracks mods. This is a game that  lets your imagination run wild and let it put its self to the test.The career  is basically playing the mod in the cover of the game  and passing through  the story.Now heres  my favorite part of the game creations. They basically put everything you can thing of in this game it lets your mind think sketches  out all the cool things that you can thing of.Mods  are awesome you can customize...

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Modnation Racers Review- The Warpzone 0

By Tom PriceThe second game sporting the Playstation 3′s “Play, Create, Share” tag line, Modnation Racers is the latest game relying on creation as a huge part of the experience- Little Big Planet being the originator. On top of being in the shadow of one of the PS3′s biggest exclusives, MNR is a kart racing game, a genre that has been dominated by Mario Kart since it debuted on the Super Nintendo. So with two huge games to live up to, can the little up and comer live up to either? Good god yes....

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Loadnation racers 0

its as fun as kart racing get build and share big or small but the load time are long my god are they long  ...

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ModNation Racers Review 0

By - Craig H.ModNation Racers is the second installment in Sony’s “Play, Create, Share” game series. Trying to follow in the footsteps of LittleBigPlanet, ModNation Racers aims to put the players in control of the content in the game. If following in LittleBigPlanet's success was not enough it is also tasked with going after kart racing's juggernaut, Mario Kart. ModNation Racers gives both games a run for their money.ModNation Racers has something that was lacking from other kart racers…a true c...

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